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As a wife, there are the moments when we wonder how, Oh Lord, how am I going to get through this. Marriage has the potential to be complicated and hard. Especially when it comes to submission. Be that as it may, it’s easy to submit when you agree, have nothing to do and are feeling great. So, how do you win his heart with these two simple words, Yes Dear?

Honestly, submission is a hard calling. On the other hand, an amazing blessing. We can agree when the Lord created roles of husband and wife, he knew what he was doing. Despite that, there are times husbands don’t want to love you. Despite your 100% fluffy, lovable, and stable moods 100% of the time, right ladies! And wives wouldn’t want to submit to their husbands on occasion either.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t change our calling.


Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;
 1 Peter 3:1

A friend of mine and I were talking about some of those hard times. For example, when your tired, busy, have a growing to-do list from dishes to banking. Or, when you happen to have a strong opinion regarding a parenting task. It just so happen, she shared a testimony of a wife who was busy moving about the house when her husband asked her to get the newspaper.

Sounded simple enough to me.

Except, they had a long driveway and she already had a loaded plate. She went on to say, he was in a position to get it himself in relation to her being busy, but instead, she did it without argument.

Come to find, her daughter witnessed her simple act of submission and held on to that memory long into her own marriage. In this case, it was the daughter who told her the story.

We called these “Yes Dear” moments.


To illustrate, I dropped my hubster off to work, as usual, 5 am! Returned home, started my workout, ONE MINUTE in, the baby woke up. No biggie, put him in the swing hoping to buy at least 30 minutes to get my sweaty fat blasting grind on.

Ten minutes go by, my toddler comes walking out all sleepy-eyed. It’s apparent by this time, it’s going to be a long day. For the love of cookies, it’s 6:30 AM!!  Good thing I got up early and am taking care of myself first.

Later, while driving my daughter to school, all the things I want to get done are making their debut in my head.


The text comes in. My hubs asked me if I’d take our boys down to meet a wrestler at a new facility being promoted since WWE was in town. All my boys love WWE.

I was floored. Saying the last thing I wanted to do was go see a wrestler is an intense understatement.

Fast as a hummingbird, my two thumbs whipped out a text explaining how I’d have to be there 2 hours early and wait in a guaranteed line. Blah, blah, blah

Right then it hit me…

Mission Yes Dear!

Executed deletion of the text, got everybody ready and off we went.

210th in line! Perfect position for regret to set in and simmer like split pea soup on cold winter day!

I had the baby in The Ergo facing my chest of course and he spits up on me FIVE TIMES! The last one went directly into my phone charging port. I can’t make this stuff up Y’all!

A loud “ding” quickly followed with a notification that moisture was detected.

Thanks Samsung, you’re a real gem, I never would’ve guessed!

My toddler needed a diaper change, which took place 20 feet from the line on concrete.

Yep, mother of the year coming at cha! He also cried 85% of the 2 hours we were there. He deserves an Oscar!


Newsflash, the devil is real indeed and he will do all he can in your mind and circumstance to make you regret submitting when you didn’t want to to begin with.

The spit up, defiled phone, crying child, dirty diaper, hurting feet, need I say more?

With every incident, I wanted to call and give hubs a piece of my mind. In fact, that’s exactly what the devil wanted. Need a sure fire way to start a fight? Complain and be disrespectful, for the win. Rest assured, it will fix nothing and no one will feel good about it.


Be aware of the opportunity to say yes dear.

When you feel the most resistance and the most desire to NOT do the task your husband ask is when you should.

As a heads-up, this happens when you’ve got a full plan or idea already in place. It’s a sneak attack every time.

Have a good attitude.

90% of difficulty is a state of mind. If you have a bad attitude it will hurt way more than if you have a good attitude.

Attitude can change everything. Remind yourself you can do the hard things. You are serving as unto the Lord. He is worthy!


You will find this life action in everything I talk about. Prayer is the deepest form of communication with the Lord.  You overcome with the power of grace.

Speak it out loud. Just a whisper is fine, especially if you are 210th in the line of 300. Point being, MAKE IT REAL! GET SERIOUS!


Just try it. It’s hard to be angry when you’re smiling.



You’ll never believe, my hubs tell me later, “Oh you went? I didn’t expect you to go, awww, I just thought it would be fun for the boys. I didn’t think about how difficult it would be. I remember being their age when I met Hulk Hogan”.

As he speaks, he has an adoring smile on his face. And he’s looking at ME! I love “that” look.  I’m sure everyone has that one look that melts your heart all over again.

Heart winning happen today. All I had to say was Yes Dear.

The boys had a fun experience with a real-life wrestler they see on TV.

On top of that, they share the same kind of memory as daddy and that’s a blessing!

Keep in mind, submission doesn’t have to be ugly.

It doesn’t have to be dirty. Submission is a choice, and then another choice and then another. It’s selfless service. You want to see love in action, say Yes Dear.

Have fun with it. The more you do it the more it will become your nature. And remember,  you are living by the power of Grace! Talk soon.

Share your Yes Dear moments in the comments. We can encourage each other with testimonies of victory!

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