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Liberals have continued to present the need for abortion for the reasons of incest, rape and danger to a women’s health. This argument has had so much traction, several states have legalized late-term abortion, meaning they can opt for an abortion through the full term of pregnancy.


Thing is an OB-GYN, Dr. Omar Hamada has stated the obvious for all of us with his comment, “There’s not a single fetal or maternal condition that requires third trimester abortion. Not one. Delivery, yes. Abortion, no.”


Abortion in late-term is a completely idiotic idea and those who support it are….well….as stated.


Abortion happens for one of two reasons. No matter what the “reason” is, the base will fall into one of two categories listed.


Fear leads people to do some off the wall stuff but I don’t think I ever thought killing a child would be something on the list of crazy.


The reason fear leads a woman to have an abortion is simple, fear grips the soul and darkens the tunnel cutting off any light or hope for light to eventually come.


The enemy uses fear to control you and your actions. It’s strategy. That’s why God says time and time again, unofficially 110 times the Lord says do not fear.


As long as you fear anything else outside of the Lord the enemy has a hold on you and can control you with. For instance, reasons excuse one.

  • Fear they won’t have enough money to care for the child.
  • Fear the person who fathered the child won’t be around.
  • Fear they will raise the child on their own.
  • Fear they won’t raise the child right.
  • Fear of pain.
  • Fear no support.
  • Fear they will be judged by someone. (ie. Parents, schoolmates, friends, society)
  • Fear the baby has health problems.
  • Fear of being unmarried or relationship problems.


2. Pride

Pride is a dangerous road. In fact, pride is the action that got God’s most beautiful and beloved angel kicked out of the heavens.


Pride is stated as a sin God “hates” in Proverbs 8:13 and also foretold that pride goes before destruction in Proverbs 16:18. Imagine that, pride comes right before your demise.


As long as pride or selfishness is the motivating factor you can be sure no good, healthy, or beneficial decisions will come out of it. For example, reasons excuse two.

  • It will get in the way of career opportunities.
  • It will hinder education options.
  • It will take up too much time.
  • It will ruin their body.
  • It will take my money.
  • I am more important.
  • It’s invading my space.
  • It’s my body, because I can.
  • It’s inconvenient.
  • Don’t want to.
  • Not ready.
  • No reason!


Contrary to popular belief only .5% of all abortions are due to incest or rape. And, less than 4% or less are due to mother’s health risk. These are incredibly rare and extreme cases that can’t be used to justify the whole.


Although abortions are being considered healthcare I have never heard a story of a woman who had to have an abortion to save her life but I have heard thousands of stories of women having abortions because of fear or pride based reasons.


Women don’t want to accept responsibility for their actions of having sexual intercourse or use protection.


It’s evil manifest. We’re talking about over a billion of unnecessary babies taken from the womb.


Abortion has become the permanent solution to a temporary problem. Under no circumstance should a child die as a result of an adult’s decision. The fact that it’s normal and widely accepted in our society is daunting to even think about and no amount of happy animal stories or someone helping a homeless person on video is going to bring back the idea that humanity is alive.


Every single one of the above noted “problems” could be managed, but the choice was to kill the responsibility.


Society is on a wildly rapid decline, spiraling out of control through a black hole of delusion. I can’t hide the fact that participants and supporters of this wicked act are grotesque on all levels.


This is not to say I want to condemn those who are truly repentant of their actions. In fact, you can have redemption and freedom.


I too have had an abortion in my younger days when I had no idea what was going on or the detrimental effects it would have on my life.


Abortion is a real-life American Horror Story!


Humanity is dying!



Topics like abortion are dividing the wheat from the tares already. They’re dividing the ones who know Gods word and truly live out Proverbs 8:13 from those who are driven by their own emotions and feelings.


This is serious stuff and if you are anything like me you may be innocently ignorant to the truth by no fault of your own.


I wasn’t raised in the faith so it took me some time before the truth was revealed. Of course it didn’t fall in my lap I had to search for it and seek the Lord but the main way of doing that is through prayer and Bible study.


I know the Bible can be intimidating; I had no idea where to start in its hundreds of thin pages of text. Rest assured there is a way to start and you‘ll be blessed by seeking the Lord now while he may still be found.


Try Bible Methods: 7 Ways in 7 Days. It’s, simple to understand, easy to use, and versatile meaning you can adjust it work for you not against you. If you have any questions let me know.


The best decision you can ever make in your life is getting to know who God is and what he wants while you occupy your life on earth.

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