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by Jun 18, 2018

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Hey folks, let me state the obvious, in this day in age the internet is the place to go. It is by far the new normal. For the most part, anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet is considered to be missing a lot of information and/or news. Anyone can write a blog. What is a blog anyway?

A blog is a spot on the internet in the shape of a web page or website that is regularly updated with written posts. Posts can also include videos, photos, and all sorts of links to other information and products. A blog is a website but a website is not always a blog. More on that difference in a later post. A blog is run individually or by a team depending on preference and purpose.

Many news or company blogs will have several or many different writers who contribute to a blog. Depending on the topic, a different person may create the written post for that day.

A blog can be created in any niche. I literally mean ANY niche too. You would be surprised. There are news blogs, lifestyle, DIY, Christian, fashion, education, about herbs, about animals, health, and wellness. The list can go on. Find a list of 100 Topic Ideas to Write a Blog About HERE. The reality of it is, there are people out there interested in everything, even the stuff you can’t think of yet.

On a regular basis, a post is written about a topic and published to the site. You can then go there and see a library of information about whichever topic the blogger chooses to write on. It makes things easier when you find a few trusted sites that write about what you need and can find everything all in that special spot on the internet.

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What is a blog purpose?

There are a vast amount of reasons people start blogs but a few reasons include simply wanting to document daily life and experiences. I have read blogs that documented the families hospital time with their child that lasted months. It was a good way for them to keep all who were interested updated at the same time without having to send out mass texts or try making a bunch of phone calls.

Some are sharing a skill or talent that people are looking for. There are people with wonderful skills like freelance writing. Writing a blog can give them the opportunity to teach all about it through posts.  A blog provides the ability to organize this information and make it easy for people to find.

Another popular reason is to make some money online. Sometimes it’s just a side job, other times it is a full-time job. I have met people who are doing both. Rest assured there is space for everyone on the internet. Making money with a blog is a great way to be a stay-at-home mom or make life easier for dad.

Unfortunately, the reality is the weight of dad providing for the family alone these days are daunting not to mention single-parent homes where daycare takes half the paycheck. As a Christian woman, my husband wanted me to be able to be at home with our children.

I love my job at home, but seeing my husband come home so exhausted and drained from the overtime weighs heavy on my heart. I wanted to make my husband’s life a bit easier so I started a blog. To learn how to start a blog in 30 days for beginners and be ready to make money READ HERE.


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One of the best reasons I love is to really help others find what they are looking for. You don’t have to be an expert in the way most believe an expert to mean. Years of the college experience is not necessary. You just need to be an expert in what you do best. For me, I have walked in the Christian faith and have more life experiences in being a godly mommy, godly wife and godly woman than I can count.

I want to share those experiences. My heart is passionate about giving and being transparent about the good AND THE BAD so that maybe others can avoid some of the heartache and trials I did.

To me, there is nothing worse than making the same mistakes when someone could have steered me in a better direction. Or sometimes it’s just helpful to know what to expect so that you can better prepare.

It is never helpful to act like life is always peaches and cream with a cherry on top. Thus, why my blog exists.

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HOW TO START A BLOG: for beginners





Why start a blog?

Starting a blog can provide for you in so many ways. You can find some financial freedom as well as time freedom. How many days have you gone to work and wished you could be doing something else. Well, what is a blog? It is a place where you can write and share and then go do what you want to do.

I initially began my blog and after a few months abandoned it because it was so frustrating and I burned out hard trying to figure it all out. I am a mother of 7 children and also worked very part-time outside the home.

Well, when I got a notification that my domain name was up for renewal I decided I would give it another go. I came across Alex and Lauren from Create and Go. What a pair. They went from full-time time 9-5 jobs to making $100,000 a month blogging.

I took their Build and Launch Your Blog course although it was more like “rebuild” for me and in 30 days I had rebuilt and launched my blog and ready to make money from it. I was 8 months pregnant when I restarted and by the time my baby was born I had launched my blog. My son was two days late by the way.

Their program is made step-by-step with a very beginner’s blogger in mind so that you are able to follow the checklist and know what you should be focusing on at what point in time. It really helped me stay focused and not get distracted doing stuff that didn’t help me get to my goal of Build And Launch My Blog. Jump in and have your blog up and running ready to make money in 30 days! They take you through the basics that get overlooked by so many out there claiming to help.

  • Training in WordPress
  • Designing Your Blog Step-by-Step
  • How to Create Images that Attract
  • How to Produce Dynamic Content People Love
  • Getting Started With Email Marketing
  • Setting Up Social Media

And so, so much more!

Writing a blog takes as much or as little time as you want. As I stated above, a blog has the potential to be a side job or a full-time job. You decide, and that is the beauty of it. YOU get to decide everything because it’s all your own.

Monetizing a blog is the best way to reap and sow the best of both worlds. On one hand, you are sharing valuable information with others that are truly looking for what you have to offer while also finding some financial freedom at the same time.

To find out how to start a blog quickly and be on your way to freedom from the 9-5 READ HERE.


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Words are always more fun when you hold that vowel for an extra beat. Am I right? Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. I'm committed to helping women crush the belief that being loved is possible for everyone but herself while learning to cultivate life with courage!!


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