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I know there have been moments you’ve wished you had at least one more hand. As a mother of many fascinating and energetic children, I have wished for far more than just one more hand. I’m prone to losing phones and pacifiers like we have an endless supply of money to spend on new ones. I’ve drenched the inside of my purse with hot liquids frequently. Needless to mention, being a mommy comes with many hats but “being luggage” is not something I enjoy being. Anybody relate?

Thankfully, the Lord has created super genius people, who’ve created super genius gadgets to act as those extra hands. Here are some of the ones that have literally changed my life. Enjoy!

I know I can’t be the only mommy out here who drops brand new phones from trying to hold a conversation while unloading the car or better yet sets it down in order to pick up a tired child and loses them. How about dropping pacifiers and not noticing until the baby is in furious need.


Anyone, with me?


Let’s not get started on the child who wanders off because you had to dig through your purse at the checkout. Only too look around and find him 15 feet too far picking up a glass bowl.


The list of moments we need an extra hand is endless.


I have learned to find answered prayers for an extra hand or two in things the Lord has blessed amazing minds to engineer these super genius gadgets.



There is nothing worse than not being able to hold a baby in need. I love having my babies close. But who has the time or physical ability to carry a child while performing numerous other tasks.


I mean if superwoman is out there. Let’s give her the credit she rightly deserves.


I have not figured out how to effectively get things done without bobbling my baby’s head all around.


Using The Ergo keep them safe, sound, and comfortable while you move about your day. I can be at home or out and about and always have both my hands free.


I’ve used one with 4 of my 7 children. My only regret is not getting one earlier!

Extra hand round 1 complete!



Yes, I know you’re probably thinking. A LEASH!




I was that mommy for years. I couldn’t see putting my child on a leash. It seemed ridiculous.

Until I found these amazing hand leashes. It changed my quick shopping trips or the times we went to John’s Incredible Pizza and every flashing light tempted my poor baby to run off without me.


Firstly, I love just holding my child’s hand. And actually, prefer that. My kids are pretty good about staying put. Except, there come those times when I need to let go for just a second.


And that’s all it takes. Something shiny at their low eye level catches their attention and boom they are gone.


These amazing inventions velcro to their hand and yours with a coily cord in between. You can still hold their hand like normal teaching them to stay with you.


However, if you need to let go for a moment to grab your wallet out of your purse, wipe another child’s nose, or carry some food to the table. You can let go with confidence, they can only go a few feet.

Extra hand round 2 complete!



Download the gift guide to keep on hand. You can find it free to you in our password protected library. Let us know below where you want the password sent and we’ll send it over. 


The Phone tether is a life changer for me. I am notorious for losing or dropping my phone.


It’s literally become part of my identity. Phone replacement takes a tight second place to locking my keys in my car. That I haven’t found a solution for. If you have some great ideas, leave me a note in the comments. At this point, firefighters in two states know me by name!


Anynoodle, I came across this super genius gadget after I set my phone on the inside rail of my car door while unbuckling my baby from his car seat. I had no idea it fell when I closed the door and 6 minutes later I watched my phone ping down Interstate 205 from Googles Find My Device site.


I was devastated.


Insurance of any kind feels like a lifelong scam. But when it comes to cell phone insurance, I’ve gotten my money’s worth and then some!


So, when I finally got a brand new phone I wasn’t taking any chances. Amazon in all their amazingness had The Phone Tether at my door in a couple days. Connected a zipping lanyard and my life was forever changed. In fact, there isn’t even enough space to tell you all of the ways this has been my extra hand.


I don’t have to worry about dropping it or losing it. The lanyard can hang around my neck where I can quickly grab it to take a call or a sweet photo OP of my beautiful child’s daily awesomeness. Which comes in many forms!


Or, I can attach it to my wrist and slide it in my purse while still using my hands because the lanyard provides length.


I am IN. LOVE. with this little super genius gadget.

Extra hand round 3 complete!



If I didn’t mention it before, I have 7 children. Sometimes that seems unbelievable. Especially these days when 2 children and a pet is the standard.


As you can imagine 7 children plus 1 daddy and 1 mommy equals a lot of “stuff”.


Any mommy can tell you the stroller is the carryall. It holds children and doubles as luggage on outings. The stroller by itself is a few hands and possibly some arms and legs too. Thank you, Jesus!


On top of stroller goodness, The Mommy Hook is a gigantic clip that you can hang purses, diaper bags, reusable bags, lunch bags, or even coats from. I absolutely love it.


Of course, one thing to be aware of, it’s easy to get carried away and end up with everything hook on the back of the stroller, the. The second you take your child out the thing rips over backward.


It’s inevitable, I call it mommy initiation.


But, thankfully everything is still nicely attached. No more picking everything up one at a time.

Extra hand number 4 complete!



Since the dawn of a waking baby, the stroller has been the goto when it comes to carrying children and stuff.




The wagon came into my life. The Mommy Hook is still a game changer with stroller packing.


However, we have 7 children now. It’s certain we move a small apartment worth of stuff when going anywhere these days. My husband says it’s borderline not even worth it. He loves to go but the work it takes to pack is mighty.


The Wagon is sturdy and carries so much stuff. The bonus here is that everything can be tossed in and it can conquer terrain strollers fail in.


Anyone who’s taken a stroller in sand or gravel know the strenuous struggle it takes to get it through without tipping the child out or pulling a muscle. Ask me how I know either one of those is possible!


The Wagon is my new favorite over the stroller. Who whoulda thunk it. 🙂


Extra hand number 5 complete!





Hot tea on a sunny fall day. Put your sunglasses on, look out the window and imagine the heat is still there from those distant summer mornings.


Yep, that’s me sipping on my tea!


Of course, it could be coffee. The Contigo has been a lifesaver to my sanity and my purse. Really, how many times have I gotten my tea ready and tried to carry it along with children, coats, phone, snacks, diaper bag and last minute change of clothes for my potty training toddler.


Then it spills! Mamma not down but she’s severely irritated now. It burns, or it’s gotten my fresh outfit wet after changing from the spit up just 20 minutes ago.


This bad boy will keep my drink HOT for hours. Even if I’m so busy I don’t take my first drink until 3 hours after I make it. Yes, this happens!


I can also throw it in my purse or whatever I’m carrying and it DOES. NOT. SPILL. or leak.


The seal it outrageously tight and faithful. I love it. So for all those warm drink lovers. This is the future love of your pumpkin spice kinda life.

Extra hand number 6 complete!



These are some of my favorite EVER super genius gadgets for mommy. They are simple but have really helped relieve some of the stresses that come with being a mom.


I’m positive I’m not the only mommy who’s mind is running a thousand miles a minute. It’s hard to remember to hold on your phone, pick up the baby and gently cradle them to sleep while carrying three bags and 4 coats (we didn’t need).


No one will blame you for feeling overwhelmed sometimes. It happens.


The good news is, the Lord has a way of answering prayers in unexpected ways. Control what you can, automate what you can and free up space to focus on what’s important.


Enjoying life in abundance!


You can do it, living by the power of grace. These little works of art just offer an extra hand when needed.


Share some of your sanity savers in the comments below. I’m always looking for ways to pick up an extra hand 🙂
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