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Welcome, I am hoping you are managing to find your way around this blogging world well. I know it can be overwhelming at times. The good news is as time goes on and you keep pushing through the landscape becomes more familiar and things will get easier.

There are some essentials to blogging that just can’t be avoided and other that you can live without but they make life a whole lot more simplistic if you use them. I have compiled a list of resources that are the best out there.

One thing I have learned is that companies who try to be masters of everything usually fail at a lot of what they do. But companies that are masters at one thing usually nail it and it makes our life better for it.

I am usually flipping back and for through my computer tabs as I use these resources on a daily basis to run my business. I hope you can find some relief. When searching for quality software to use it can be a daunting task. I have had nothing but good experiences with all of these; if I didn’t I certainly wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.


To begin, you can’t very well start a blog without a hosting site. This is essential because you want to own your work. Being on a free platform will do nothing but hold you back. Why SiteGround? In short, they are number one in


Sign up for 36 months at just $3.95 per month for the best deal. That’s $47 per year! All hosting companies go up in price after the initial sign up is over so buying the most months you can, in the beginning, is an essential blogging resource. You can be up and running with confidence your little piece of the internet is secure and fast! And if you ever need help customer service is pretty literally waiting by the way to resolve your issue.

The reality is that you won’t be making money with your blog on day one. It is important to have a solid foundation while you build. I have used other hosting companies and have found comfort at SiteGround.


If you need help or direction on starting a blog. Check out my Step-by-Step instruction on How to Start a Blog: for Beginners

Web Hosting

2. WordPress Theme

DIVI by Elegant Themes is just one of 70 themes you will get but DIVI is the world’s most powerful WordPress theme out there. Take it from me, I wasted a whole year of time messing around with themes that could not rise up to what I envisioned. With DIVI everything can be modified. I know exactly why 500,591 members are building their dream with DIVI.

Elegant Themes offers a 30-day money back guarantee so there is zero risk. You are gonna fall in love with it though. It is user friendly and has a visual tutorial for every aspect of the theme. DIVI is there is make your dreams come true!

#1 Recommendation by a landslide


AVADA is amazing as well. Theme Forest is another theme package that doesn’t require you to have any coding experience. It is user friendly and set up to set you up for success. Give it a shot and see the possibilities are endless.


3. DepositPhotos

If there is one thing I would kick myself for other than not getting DIVI in the beginning, it would be underestimating the power of stock photos. Using High-Quality Stock Photography from a company like DepositPhotos is non-negotiable. I tried taking my own photos in the beginning.

Yea, right. First things first. All photos belong to someone. You can’t just grab a photo off the internet and use it. There are laws against that. Secondly, people click on beautiful stuff.

Stock photography can be a quite a bill but worth every penny. Places like Shutter Stock are fairly expensive. I have found a great plan with Deposit Photos with a great selection. It is a huge weight lifted not having to wonder about where to get a photo.


There are free sites out there to find stock photography but it is minimal in high-quality selection. The best I found was Pixabay


4. Email Marketing: Seva formerly ConvertKit

Email marketing is just the way of the world today. Seva is one of those companies that have chosen one thing, “email marketing” and have mastered it! From the beginning, you will want to set your blog up to build your email list.

Just like hosting it gives you independence and makes your space YOURS! Well, your email list is your gold. You want to own it.

Social media platforms are always changing. Algorithms can change and stop your traffic in its tracks. But when you have a solid email list you always have your true fans right there with you. And to add the cherry on top they have just released updates that make email marketing even more amazing.

Seva helps you put these tedious things on auto-pilot so you can be free to get other things done.


5. Education: Create and Go

Even the pros ask for help and go to webinars and conferences. The reason is because we should never stop learning our business inside and out. Again I wasted a year of time and ended up quitting the first time due to overwhelm. BUILD AND LAUNCH YOUR BLOG by Create and Go is an amazing step-by-step to get you up and going in 30-days minus the stress and overwhelm I went through.

It was a game changer for me and if I could go back I would have done it with them the first time.


6. Pin Scheduler: Tailwind

Okay, so this you can do without. BUT. If Pinterest is your platform you need to be consistent in pinning and I will tell you right now. Life happens every single day and pinning on Pinterest is never the priority. Tailwind helps you schedule your pins weeks in advance as well as provide analytics.

Tailwind is a Pinterest approved scheduling software so take advantage of using it. Like with email marketing, they have chosen one thing and mastered it. Get your pining on auto-pilot and free up time for other things.



7. Sharing: Social Media Warfare

We all know social media is the highway to getting attention. With billions of people using social media, you want people to have easy access to sharing buttons. Social Media Warfare is so easy to use and is simplistic in its display.

Especially if you are using Pinterest to drive traffic, Social Media Warfare has a delightful hovering button that sits right in your pictures so that it is clear.

Another reason I love Social Media Warfare is that it gives you the option to choose what picture you want pinned form each blog post. I hate pinning an article and having 15 pictures pop up to choose from. Most of them are usually random anyway like an about me photo. With Social Media Warfare you can decide ahead of time and the user isn’t bothered by choosing which picture to pin.

All about creating a fluid user-friendly area.


8. Image Optimization: Optimizilla

Ever been to a site that you love but it takes way to long for it to load up. More often than not people will leave even if they do love the site. Imagine those who are new visitors, they won’t wait 3 seconds longer than necessary.

I use Optimizilla to compress all my images before loading them into WordPress. This helps keep your blog nice and optimized for the best user experience. It is free to use and has huge benefits for your blog.


9. Image Creation: Canva

As I mentioned before, people click on beautiful things. Canva has helped millions create beautiful things. It is free to use. You can create amazing e-book covers, pins for Pinterest, of any size media image for sharing on social media. It is a must-have. Also has an app you can work in on the go.


What essentials resources do you use to run your business share them down below?