Slavery is a Choice: Kanye West


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Slavery is a Choice: Kanye West

Over the years we have watched Kanye West be pretty erratic. Now his mind is clear and folks are losing it.

In recent news Kanye West made a huge move to show his self donning a red MAGA hat and telling the world he loved the President of the United States. Kanye made the statement that “slavery is a choice”. Slavery is everywhere but I speak mainly of the black population remaining mentally enslaved. Although, the white population is coming under mental slavery as well, with the rise of groups like Black Lives Matter.

It is especially sad when people of the same race spend so much time shaming those who break free from this slavery. Slavery is a choice. With the freedom from mental slavery comes the immediate backlash from the black population accusing Kanye West of taking the red pill, although some thought he is now taking the green pill, or was it the blue pill. Either way he has somehow now crossed over the edge and they are trying to drag him back into mental slavery where they reside with old worn out arguments and character bashing. The saying ‘misery loves company’ is certainly alive and well. This generation filled with hate and misguided aspirations. It makes no sense. It is highlighting characteristics that the slaves didn’t even believe in themselves.

Kanye West is an Idol

Kanye West is an icon and idol to much of the black population. As with most black or people of color celebrities, people worship and hang on their every word. This is especially true if they are on the same page. If they are ever to change or become free from the lies and bondage that plague millions of people, all of a sudden they are traitors of the race. And you want me to believe you aren’t racist? What the black folks of today want is revenge. They want to see people who had nothing to do with the days of slavery pay for their ancestors’ actions. And who is to say the black folks of today who haven’t experienced an ounce of slavery deserve to reap the result of revenge from what their ancestors experienced anyway? That logic is three sheets to the wind, slavery today is a choice.

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This Generation Has Lost Focus and History

Nevertheless this is what is wrong with society today. The black folks of actual slavery times had so much drive, ambition, integrity, pure heart and soul. They had mercy and grace; they had humility, hope and determination. Let me remind you, slavery is not in action today. People are not being raped, beaten, abused, and outright murdered by people who have bought and paid for them for fun, pastime or because they didn’t meet their cotton picken quota for the day. People are free to do as they please. I am not talking about the right to take an officer’s gun, run from authority, and be a criminal without consequence, regardless of the motive.

It is especially radiant when another black celebrity like Snoop Dogg, if that is even what we are calling him now, has some nonsensical gibberish in response to Kanye West by telling us someone needs to get him some black women to chew his ignorant self out. Oh, so you don’t want stereotypes played on you but you just said that black women are females who chew men out when they aren’t doing something she feels like he should be doing. The black woman is now the official man casterater and that is something you can get behind? But you want a real man? That makes you proud?

Don’t Speak for ME!

It is sickening and as a black woman, you should be standing against such a ridiculous statement not applauding it. That is NOT how I want or deserve to be represented. The women in the days of slavery didn’t chew their men out. She stood behind him and lifted him up during those tragic times. She was quiet and meek, she let him be the leader of the household and the family. He was a real man. The slave owners didn’t give him his worth in her eyes because she was a real woman. Don’t get the two twisted. She wasn’t out fighting to be the leader she was supporting her man in the right to be free as her man lead the fight.

Celebrate Freedom From Slavery.

It is ugly that so many black folks are giving black folks a bad representation. Break free from this way of life. Break free from this idea that everyone and everything is against you and instead contribute to society in positive ways. The original laws of this country were not written under an all-inclusive, diverse group of people. So what, they were written with basic principles in mind that benefit all.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Declaration of Independence wasn’t written with black folks in mind. However, I am sure that what the black folks fought for was to simply be held accountable to the same set of laws everybody else was. These days it is clear, that ALL MEN are being ravished by a corrupt government and media. It doesn’t matter what the race is. EVERYBODY is being lied to, brainwashed, manipulated, deceived and the like on a daily basis. So now is the time to change the conversation from a constant race war. This is what Kanye West is ultimately trying to convey. Get out of the stuck mentality of the past. We shouldn’t be spending our time defending race.

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Break Free and Stay Free.

Black folks at no point should be getting their value and worth from the thoughts of others, actions of others, what comes up on google, commercials, the news, Twitter, or YouTube. Black folks should not feel guilty by any means for loving the skin they are in. If someone else doesn’t who cares. Prioritize the importance of life’s daily endeavors.

White people shouldn’t feel guilty for things that happened 153 years ago. There is not one living former slave or slave owner. Deal with the corruption of today, not last century. Stand up and stop being enablers. Prayer is gone out of schools, the family unit is being destroyed, inappropriate sexuality is being taught to elementary students, and women are trying to take over.

We have real problems, if the best that can be done is debate over race, we truly are in a sad state of being.



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