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I want to ask you a bold question. Why is sheltering your children a bad thing? We live in a society now that esteems protection above all else right. After all, the “Great America” is the birthplace of safe spaces. So, why do people discourage homeschooling children by writing it off as sheltering? In return, public school is the standard.


Think about this new age idea to protect grown adult college students. While at the same time our young and vulnerable little ones are lost in the system.

Ironic as it is, there may be a need to protect those adult college students because they weren’t sheltered as young children.


If you can, wrap your mind around the expectation to send your child off to a public run building filled with strangers you’ve never met. Or, you meet them once or twice in any given year. You’re expected to entrust those strangers to educate and care for your child as good as, or better than you do.


Keep in mind, that these strangers we call teachers, may or may not have your child’s best interest in mind. How would you know, it’s not like you go out lunch with them or call them at home to chat about The View or what President Trump said yesterday.


In fact, they’re there to follow a curriculum that’s put in place by even more strangers whom you have never laid eyes on.


Be honest, unless you’re an avid volunteer and heavily involved, (and I mean more than a yearly field trip) you may never really know who teaches your child each day. Even still, what if you do get to know them and find your child’s teacher doesn’t have beliefs that line up with yours at all! What then?


It’s true, technically, they shouldn’t bring their personal beliefs into the schooling system. But be honest, when was the last time your beliefs didn’t infiltrate all that you do. Why you do it, how you do it, when you do it, and so on? There are real valid reasons you should homeschool your kids!


It’s inconceivable to think an individual can turn their natural way of life off for 8-10 hours a day while attending to your child..


On another note, how often, have we as adults stressed stranger danger? Would you drop your child off at a daycare with blind trust to whoever is inside and to whoever has designed the policies and procedures?

No, and no one would blame you.


Public school is, if nothing else, blind trust in strangers. Frankly, the reality is, it’s an all-ages daycare. Furthermore, for decades now, that blind trust has led millions of children down a path of destruction. Including, drugs, alcohol, and sex!


For reference, the definition of sheltered is “protect or shield from something harmful”. The question is what exactly are we sheltering children from?


Would it make a difference if you knew what you were sheltering your child from?




I’m sure you’re familiar with what a funnel is. Whether you envision a cooking funnel, used to get that chocolate powder through the small hole in a plastic bottle for delicious chocolate milk. Or, a sales funnel inviting you to buy that super genius gadget that will change your life. Both have the same concept. The idea behind a funnel is to strategically direct from one place to another with a pre-determined result at the end.


Meanwhile, this is the concept used in the public schooling system. Parents volunteer their child into public school. Then, from day one their system moves them through a funnel, directing their path.

Someone, other than you, is making all the decisions. They’ve decided who, what, when, where, why, and how. Followed by tests that stress children out.


This. Is. Not. Good.



A curriculum is the designated course of study any given child will take. Designated subjects and concepts collaborated together and fed to your child.


Why is a stranger determining what is best for your kid? For example, if you believe in creation but public school teaches evolution, you’re outta luck?

In addition, not every course of study and the outline by which it’s taught will work well for individual children. Children are just like adults, they have differing personalities, and character.

Truth is, all children learn different and absorb information at a different pace. What makes us believe that children can process these things better than adults?


Adults are hard pressed to deal with their own emotions and learning curves. What more stress is it on children still learning what emotions are.



Equally concerning, is the use of broad and general curriculum. This concept teaches that everyone must fit into one lane and there’s no other way to learn.

They’re not creators. Instead, public school is funneling cookie cut copies of what the curriculum has created.

Uniformity is stifling engineers and inventors.


A point often overlooked, is standards. Children are being left behind, due to lowering the standard. The idea is so that, they fit into the uniform. Lowering standards isn’t helpful in any case. Uniformity stunts their ability to think for themselves, given that, they lack the freedom to break outside of the box. This practice is debilitating to children.



Sadly, public school is NOT created for boys. Public school is a female favored design. Ever wonder why male students are the ones with the highest rate of diagnosed ADHD. Where exactly does that leave our boys then?


A firm structure is important; everybody needs some in their life. Who should be the one who decides which structure your child lives by? During school years your child’s structure looks similar to this for 180 days of the year for 13 straight years…

1440 School hours

1800 Sleep hour

540 Daycare hour

540 You hours

How can we undo 19,000 hours worth of training in an opposing structure?



It’s far past time that we should stop sending our children off onto the broad path. They were always meant to be raised at home, in the ways of the Lord. Not ironically, the ways of the Lord are the narrow path.

It is written, enter in through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate, and broad is the path, which leads to destruction, and many are they who will enter through that way. Matthew 7



It’s increasingly popular to hear people say that homeschooling a child is sheltering. So what, sheltering by definition, is actually a good thing!


We care about our children and want the best for them. It’s our place to decide what we’re sheltering them from and what not. Bullying, false teaching, the beliefs and indoctrination of strangers. Who knows what their lives consist of. That’s the beauty of schooling at home.


You can choose. The power has been given to you. Settle on what’s worth sheltering your child from. One of the main reasons parents send their children off to public school is because they can’t afford to stay home.


Sadly, I hate to see families feel stuck when there’s a way. I left my job as a medical assistant to stay home with our 6 children living on one income. It was scary but doable.


You can read how I managed to stay home and make money with legitimate side jobs to cover the cost. There’s alwasy a way to take that leap of faith.


The words of one of my favorite people, Ruth Soukup, of Living Well Spending Less is, Do it Scared! Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it is taking action despite your fear.


The Lord wants to see your children raised by you not strangers. You can do it. Set a resolve. Sheltering your children isn’t always a bad thing!



Words are always more fun when you hold that vowel for an extra beat. Am I right? Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. I'm committed to helping women crush the belief that being loved is possible for everyone but herself while learning to cultivate life with courage!!



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