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Black Friday is now listed on digital calendars as a Holiday. If you’ve prepared to find a practical gift for mom this is the day, right?

I’m not gonna lie, disappointment all over. One, because a day dedicated to shopping is considered a holiday. It would be nice to know what we are defining a holiday as nowadays. And two, because it’s not really Friday as many companies fight to one-up each other. Black Friday is now Thursday and I’m sure at some point it will extend into the beginning of the week.

We may soon see Thanksgiving get swallowed up by Black Friday eventually. It makes me think of a black hole. The pull is not to be resisted.

I have absolutely nothing against BlackFriday. I’ve participated in it in years past. More in the beginning before it all became popular. And, long before it was considered a national holiday. You know, when Thanksgiving and Black Friday were two distinct and separate days of the week.


I’ll be honest here, it’s not the shopping that drives me mad, it’s the quality of the products. I’ve interviewed several product representatives and found my worst nightmare to be true. Essentially, Black Friday products are a lesser version than the full priced item. For example, if you see a 55″ flat screen 4k smart TV on black Friday for $200 when it would normally sell for $1200 you’re getting the base version.

If you did deeper, you’ll find it’s lacking available ports and often cheaper materials are used. It’s kinda like buying the super base version of a car. Any 80’s babies out there. We’re talking the ones with manual roll windows, only comes in white with tan interior and a cassette player with am/FM radio. HA!

I’ve owned many of those in my lifetime.

Subsequently, there are so many products out there on deep sale folks are buying stuff no one needs just because it seems like a good deal.


What happened to quality and practicality

Maybe this just speaks to my desire, an ideal gift is something that doesn’t need to be replaced several weeks after it comes out of the box.

Or the fact that I’m still using my Pampered chef chopper I received over 10 years ago. Not to outdo my Mom, whom I witnessed use an electric knife she’s had for some 25 years. She uses it every holiday to carve the meat. It’s hard to find that kind of quality in an item that was mass produced being sold for $7 regularly $80.

Any logic says some corners were cut or a whole lot of money is being lost here. We’ve got to know companies know better right?

Think gambling, ‘the house always wins’.

I love gifts as much as the next lady, I just prefer quality over quantity. And without a doubt, extremely useful. At the beginning and end of the day, I want a gift that will change my life in some amazing way.

Help me stop losing my cell phone, so I can stop paying for it to be replaced. That’s a double saver. Maybe be an extra hand when I need to get the dishes done and put my baby to sleep at the same time. Or extra arms to haul a load of stuff for my family of 9!

Overall, the quest is give and hope to receive practical gifts.


The best and most reliable hot and cold beverage mug on the market. Keep’s your drink scorching hot or ice cold until you are ready to drink up to 8 hours or cold. With the amazing seal and one hand operation, mom can throw this in her purse and not have to worry about spills or a ruined drink when she’s ready.


The phone saver. No need to worry. This super genius gadget will save your sanity when it comes to keeping track of your phone. As well as creating easy access at any point. Life just got amazing again.


Carry your baby in any situation. Saves your back from excess stress and pain while comforting your baby next to your heart.  It’s designed ergonomically correct to keep you and baby healthy and happy while providing all carrying position options.


Haul everything in one load. Or maybe you have a tired child who needs a ride. Shoulders or hip are ideal but this Wagon will do the job. Makes life easier all around when you can get from one place to another without dropping shoes, coats, bottles, and whatnot on the way.


Track your steps. Great motivation to get up and move. Join with friends and family to challenge each other and make it a competition. Fun for everyone.


Cook meals in less time and dare I say less planning. There’s not always a plan and yet that shouldn’t stop you from serving a great meal. This gem combines 7 kitchen helpers into one. Easy to use and programmable so you can set it and get other things done.


Last minute items you don’t want to forget. Need to run something to the mail? This little reminder helps clear your mental plate of the overwhelm and stress of remembering every detail.


If mom said it once she said it a hundred times. Put the scissors back where you got them. In this case, just touch them to the refrigerator and they will always be easily accessible. The magnetic element makes them easy to store and they’re cute.


I wouldn’t give up my slower cooker but honestly, plans don’t always work the way they should. This cooker helps mom make serve a delicious meal in less time without notice. When the plan falls through choosing the Ninja.


You’ve finally found the pan that  puts an end to all fights about who gets the edge piece. This super genius idea makes it so everybody can have the best cut of the pan. Officially Mom’s dreams come true! 



Bath time for mom just got amazing. Give mom the gift of a deep water bath with this nifty gadget. There’s nothing like getting in the bath and 3 quarters of the water is gone in minutes. This will give mom the nice hot bath she’s been wishing for. 


Because mom never gets over seeing the faces of the ones she loves. In the digital era it’s hard to get those pictures up but this frame is just the reason to make it happen.



After a long day or week on her feet these toes stretching foot walkers are the answer to prayer. Mom’s feet will thank you. Not only do they feel amazing but they help keep the circulation in her legs moving along. All around in love.



Amazons latest design helps mom read whenever and wherever she wants. The Paperwhite doesn’t produce a glare so she can read in the dark or sunlight. Also comes Bluetooth ready so she can enjoy listening to books. Audible gives access to a huge library full of books on audio. The new Kindle Paperwhite is also waterproof making this a gift she’s sure to love while enjoying something for herself.



Nothing like receiving a handwritten letter. Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail that’s not a bill or junk? Write now. Read later. Cherish forever. Great way to slow down and savor the moment.


Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera

With the growing popularity of Instagram and scrapbooking having a dynamic photo of your children or latest vacation extravaganza, this is a great way to capture those moments. Give mom the gift of capturing the beauty of her life. 

Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

Having a good reliable vacuum make all the difference. Practical and easy to use. You can use it anywhere. One of the big places every mom wishes she could get to. The car. She will have fun with this gift.

 Not only are these practical gifts for mom but they are quality and fun. Each gift provides a much needed extra hand and gives mom an opportunity to feed herself.

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