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As a parent, one of the last things we want to see is our child suffer. My son had an experience that caused a tremendous fear of water. It’s easy to understand we want to protect them from everything. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way of life. God’s Word tells us that it rains on the just and the unjust. We all endure the rain. The question is how are we going to handle the rain?


And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer; (2 Timothy 3:15, Romans 12:12)


Nothing is More Powerful Than Prayer

Prayer can move, destroy, renew, bring people together, cause some people to go away and overcome a fear of water. First, we should always keep in mind, is how I pray and first seek the kingdom of God. No matter what the circumstance there is something to be learned.


  • How can this build my character to be more of what God designed?
  • How can I crucify my flesh and serve my living Savior?
Even more, a prayer that comes from a child torn and riddled with a fear of water can build faith!



Our son can finally swim in the 8-foot end of the pool without a life jacket. Proud parents we are. Let me tell you, this is a testimony of the power of prayer. Overcoming his fear of water wasn’t easy.


From day one our son was in the water. He was a water baby through and through. Until one day, he was in a pool without a life jacket and accidentally misjudged the steps going into a pool and fell in unannounced causing uproar. He scrambled and fought the water for what seemed like a lifetime to him. There were adults right there to pull him out.


As a result, he acquired a paralyzing fear of the water from then on.


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Every time we would bring him to the water, the moment he stepped on those dreadful steps and remembered that fall it literally paralyzed him. He would cling on for dear life to us and refused to let go. Kicking and screaming, he was terrified of not being able to see the bottom or the next step. He could barely even look down.


I was so sad to see him like this. Knowing how he used to have so much fun in the water. It was clear watching him sit outside watching all the fun he was missing by holding on to this fear of water.


Not to mention, as a young child they don’t know the difference. Children relate the experience to bad and that is all that matters to them. They will do what they can to avoid feeling that again.


We certainly were not going to allow this fear of water to take hold and cripple him for the rest of his life without trying the ultimate Restoration plan.


Take it to Jesus!

  • Prayed over him every time he got to the pool.
  • We prayed him through the experience in the pool.
  • Came against the fear of water with prayer.
  • He prayed through his negative feelings and asked Jesus for help in overcoming.
  • We talked through what happen so he could relive it without the chaos and see the full picture.
  • Prayer helped him create a new perspective not connected to the experience.


He Survived and Really Loves the Water Again

He wore a life jacket faithfully every time he got in the water. In fact, he even wore it on the outside of the pool in the beginning “just in case”! He lived in it. We had no issue with that. He was being cautious. Being cautious is okay. Having the debilitating fear of water is not. He worked through it.


Praise God! Today he cannot be removed from the pool without whining. In this case I have to smile inside and say Praise God for this circumstantial whining. There was a time he whined just at the mention of pool or swimming.


Praise Jesus, for He was Faithful in Increasing This Little Guys Faith!!

Jesus was faithful to free this child of a crippling fear of water and restoring a “healthy” confidence. And so…. let’s go swimming AGAIN 🙂


UPDATE: It has been 6 years since this event and overcoming his fear of water. He is now working to join on the swim team and training for the water polo team! He still loves the water and every summer is a joy! Never forget the power of PRAYER!


Please share your testimony of how prayer made a drastic change in your life!

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