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It’s 10 pm. All the children are tucked in bed. Everything is picked up and clean. You grab a cold glass of water, grab your phone and plop on the couch ready to relax in the quiet.

It’s been a long day, you’ll check some things you’ve been meaning to catch up on.¬†

Suddenly in an email, bank statement, paycheck stub, social media post, letter in the mail you notice a devastating blow. 

You’re deeper in debt than ever.

You’re overdrawn again.

You’re family member passed away suddenly.

You’re marriage is in turmoil.

You’re shocked by infidelity.

You owe the IRS.

You receive unexpected medical bills. 

Just when you think you were moving forward, a dart on fire, rips through your heart and brings you to heartbreaking tears. 

Why God?

What do you want from me God? 

I don’t know what else to do God?

When you decide to stand firm on the promises of the Lord, seemingly take a violent turn left. Everything you think you know will fade but hang on. 

Listen to this video again and again until faith rises and your spirit overflows with gratitude and determination to stand strong in the storm. 

Below are the words to read. The video is a powerful reminder. God never stops fighting and neither should you. 




There comes a time in every life when quittin’ looks good.


There comes a time in every job, in every marriage, when quittin’ looks good.


When problems seem insurmountable. 


When the giants seem unbeatable.


When the mountain seems unmovable.


When defeat seems absolutely inescapable, retreat seems like your only logical option.


I want you to remember it is always too soon to quit. 


Say that with me. 


It is always too soon to quit.


Christopher Marley said and I quote. “Someone who is a big shot, is only a little shot who kept on shooting.”


Persistence is a fire in your bones that will carry you through ridicule, will carry you through rejection and reversal. 


Persistence does not need public approval.


Persistence does not need a slap on the back.


Persistence could careless about being politically correct. 


Persistence says, in faith, mountain get out of my way.


Persistence says nothing is impossible to those that believe.


Persistence says if God be for you who can be against you.


Persistence says victory is ours through Christ the Lord.


Persistence says faith is the victory that overcomes the world.


Persistence says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Persistence looks at 10,000 coming against you from every direction as King David, and says, though a host should encamp against me let God arise and let His enemies be scattered.


You’re looking at the winner here.


Hallelujah to the lamb of God.


Give him praise and glory in the house.


Quit living life looking in the rear-view mirror.


Quit looking at the mistakes of yesterday and say it prohibits me from being all I can be today.


Every page in this book says press on. Endure. Fight back. Win.


For greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.


Fight back. You’re a child of God.


The royal blood of heaven is flowing in your veins.


God does not sponsor flops and He does not manufacture junk.


You are a child of the most-high God.


You are¬†going to stand in the winner’s circle.


You are¬†not going to be the victim, you’re going to be the¬†victor¬†because Christ¬†is¬†us Lord over your situation,¬†only believe all things are possible for you.


Never give up, never! Never never, never, never give up, stay at it.


If you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on! 


If you get whipped, go home and lick your wounds and come out the next day. And fight to win again.


This book says nothing is impossible to you.


If you Believe that, that one verse will transform your mind and your life.


This book says, greater is He, meaning the Holy Spirit that is in you, than he that is within the world.


This book says, if God be for us who can be against us.


This book says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me


This book says, let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.


That means press on, that means endure, that means God cannot not fail and you’re not going to give up, that’s not¬†an option for a child of God.


This means you are going to be the winner.


Listen to this and write it down if you can’t¬†remember¬†it.¬†¬†


You’re never going to outgrow warfare. You simply must learn to fight.


I hear people saying to me all day “when is it going to get easier”?


When you die!


Warfare, is a normal new testament Christian posture. Get used to it.

-Pastor John Hagee

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