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Eating dinner every night is kind of an obligation. Time is precious and even more so these days when the rush of life is getting all too hectic. There is so much to do, it is hard to slow down and enjoy family. The most precious time we can have does not just revolve around enjoying the food, but the company around the dinner table. These 7 games will help make dinner time unforgettable. None of these require any props or tools to play. You can play with any age, everyday family or guests. They can be played around the dinner table, around the coffee table in your living room, in your favorite restaurant, or while eating take-out in the car. Where you are eating doesn’t matter. What matters is that together you are making memories that are priceless and cherished.

21 Questions:

Can’t forget the timeless. As everybody sits around the table one person thinks of a something. They keep the thought secret as you go around the table and each person asks a question to narrow down what it may be. Each question must be a yes or no question. There is no extra elaboration allowed. This makes it more difficult to guess and causes both the questionee and questioners to think through question and answer. When you have reached 21 question everybody gets one guess as to what the secret thought is.  If you want to narrow it down in the beginning like it has to be an inanimate object or in the animal family. For younger children, this narrows it down.

The Family Game:

A game a simple as the name. As everybody sits down to enjoy their meal this game is calm but provokes a challenge. Choose a topic, for instance, movie titles, biblical characters, animals, or candy. Start with the youngest player and move to the left taking turns around the table. Each player names something within the topic. You will continue around the table. Anyone who cannot come up with an answer is out. The last person must end the game with one last answer to win.  There are no repeats. For younger children, another try is given, for older players if there is a repeat they are out. This helps listening skills as well. If it takes more than 30 seconds, they are out.

Bible Bee:

Go around the table taking turns giving the next person in line a book of the bible or a character name to spell. The player may also opt to tell a story or event that took place and the next person will guess the book of the bible or the character in it. Bible Bee helps everybody retain and talk about the scriptures.


An oldie but goodie is nothing like the good ol telephone. This game works the best if everyone sitting at the table will play. Begin with one person speaking a word, phrase or sentence into the ear of the person next to them. It must be whispered so that no one else can hear what is said. That player will then whisper what they heard to the next person.  The whisper can only be whispered one time. The limitation is what really makes this game funny. Once each player has passed on what was said to the last person. That player will say aloud what they heard. It brings many laughs to see how the original whisper morphed through each pass. Be silly with it and make the smiles come to life.

Reflect A Day:

Reflect a Day challenges the players to recall what happen during their day. Begin with any player willing to go first and move around the table. Each player will answer four questions:

  1. What was the best thing that happened in your day?
  2. What was the worst thing that happened in your day?
  3. Did you help anybody during your day?
  4. What would you do differently tomorrow?

We like this game, it is great to spend time continuing to get to know the people in your life or any guests. We should always strive to be apart of our children’s lives and allowing them to express things about their day without criticizing is priceless and helps them feel comfortable opening up. They are more likely to let their guard down when the atmosphere is relaxed.

Hum a Song:

This game brings lots of laughs around the dinner table. I would make sure you are not drinking anything during this game. The “IT” person thinks of a song and begins humming it. You may separate into teams and take turns each teams guessing what song their teammate is humming. You can also just pick one hummer at a time, and like charades just start yelling out guesses. You may add a timer to make it more of a challenge as well. Bring toothpicks to the table and keep track of points. Divide a piece of bread in half and stick a toothpick to keep track of points.

Alpha Next:

Lastly, we call this Alpha Next. In this game, the first player picks a word any word. Move around the table, each player will say a word that begins with the last letter of the word before. Choose a specific topic to make this game more of a challenge. If a player cannot think of a word within 30 seconds they are out. The last player must end with one last word to take the win. Everyone has to eat. We have an opportunity to get out of technology and into the love of those around us. What are some ways you have made memories with your family and friends? Let’s share the fun and smiles! Share your dinner time ideas with me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook as well 🙂    


Words are always more fun when you hold that vowel for an extra beat. Am I right? Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. I'm committed to helping women crush the belief that being loved is possible for everyone but herself while learning to cultivate life with courage!!



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