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Popular in the news recently were the Covington Catholic Boys standing off with Native American Vietnam Veterans. In the reported news a white kid wearing a red MAGA hat was standing in a face off with a Native American Vietnam veteran, who was banging his drum just inches from the kid’s face.


The media took the story and ran with it which then sparked an outrage from the public at how this kid could be so disrespectful to a man of color who also served in the Vietnam. Of course they were deemed racist and hateful for their actions.


The first time I watched the video something seemed off about it. The standoff looked more like the 1998 Enemy of the State movie than it did an actual event.


What I mean by that is it looked staged rather than genuine confrontation.


Media, namely the big guys at CNN, reported that the boys were chanting racists’ remarks and taunting the man with the drum.


The man who was banging his hand held drum stated he feared for his life. I found that unrealistic.


From the perspective and position of the video it looks as though the man was trapped with no place to go. I wondered what kid would be so bold as to stand in the way of an elder man banging a drum, and, for what reason? I believe people have motive and he had no motive to be racists seeing as though they were there for a Pro Life march not an anti Native American protest.


Turns out, from a different angle the man went out of his way and walked toward the group of kids, purposely positioned his self in the boys face while continuing to bang his drum. He was attempting to intimidate the kid, but why these kids, why now?


Bottom line, these boys were targeted because they were wearing red MAGA hats representing the slogan of the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, Make America Great Again. The narrative targets young white males with MAGA hats or older white males with MAGA hats and only them!


My black male husband wears the iconic red MAGA hat on a regular basis and has never been approached, except with an occasional nod of same team respect at times.


White males are targeted as racist bigots.


The United States folks find the hat to be offensive and dangerous and demand white males stop wearing them.


Yes, you read that right. The hat is dangerous and thus causes individuals who don’t like the president to become violent. In addition, apparently they are only dangerous on white males. It’s very odd indeed.


New York State is passing a bill with revised laws stating it’s legal and considered women’s healthcare to perform abortions on babies up to 9 months gestation.


Silence in the media.


There was no outrage and no coverage even close to that of the hat ordeal except to celebrate the “win”.

MAGA hats and abortion laws.



We’ve come to a day an age when clothing is dangerous and killing a baby is worth celebrating.


Having to explain the priority issue here is embarrassing.


Those who oppose it are defiantly ruffling feathers and receiving push back from the killers and killer supporters amongst us. The lashing out for the left in comment threads across social media is excruciating.


The United States is great because of the freedom and the economy. The shear development of this country and the potential that it bears makes this country the most sought out for living.


Can you really blame anyone?


But, the fact of the matter is it’s spiraling out of control. Economy and freedom mean nothing if things like the abortion of fully developed babies become common practice.


There’s no excuse for this to have passed.



Breaking news, I know many people believe it’s old white men in congress that are pushing these changes but I will tell you as a woman, it’s women.


Modern outlandish feministic women are ruining this society they are the toxic masculinity. We need women of virtue to stand up and speak out against this wickedness.


It‘s a matter of virtuous women standing up against the weak-minded prideful women of this era. These women are celebrating the “right to kill” their own offspring. And saying things like “that hat is dangerous!”


These events define who we are because the level of evil it takes to miss prioritize these things is extremely high.


Meaning, compromise and being overcome by delusion has been in the makes for decades, thus you get MAGA hats and abortion laws backwards in the news and in the heart of the people.


This doesn’t happen overnight.


According to the Bible God hates hands that shed innocent blood and don’t judge by appearance, instead judge a righteous judgment.


These two events show just how far removed from God’s biblical standard we are. Sadly even professing Christians support this evil under the guise of love.


There is no love here.


This is not love by any means.

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