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New York State recently celebrated the revised bill Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law outlining that women have access to abortion of their babies through the full term of pregnancy. Also know as late term abortion.


Emotions were high as with any new controversial news, but the fact of the matter is, New York isn’t the first state to pass a bill legalizing late term abortion. For instance, seven other states and D.C. have absolutely zero bans on their abortion laws.


No surprise they’re also some of the top ranking liberal states one of being my own home state of Oregon. Joining them is Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Vermont.


This is one of the main reasons we have an issue. When emotions are high so is the fight, but emotions are futile and short lived? We must keep these things forefront in our mind and keep a level head about this topic.


Although the bill made 4 important changes including:

  1. Who can perform the abortion.
  2. Extended abortion time.
  3. Abortion being considered healthcare.
  4. Removing the class D felony homicide charge option for abortion.


The fight isn’t over.


We can’t wait on the government to save babies lives. To be honest, we can’t depend on the government to save anyone’s life.


That responsibility belongs to the Lord and we are his mouth and hands while we occupy our time on earth.



In order to save these babies we have to save the mothers who are broken and filled with shame, lies, and self loathing.


The truth is, abortion isn’t healthcare, it’s the freedom to decide the fate of a child based on the emotional state of the mother. No woman needs to undergo an emergency abortion to save her life. There’s no such thing. Women get abortions for two reasons and there’s only one answer to rectify this wicked way of life and that’s Jesus.


Get back to God’s design!


If you wonder how I know read my story of abortion. If only there was someone there to help me see the truth through the shame and lies.


Every state allows abortion, some have enacted more limits than others but it shouldn’t matter if a baby’s life is taken at 12 weeks or 9 months. The deeper issue is responding to the reality of abortion with action not emotion.


Then we can help replace the brokenness with confidence and authentic love. That means showing up at your local abortion clinic with signs of the truth or just speaking with the women heading in.


Abortion clinics are primarily placed in the slums or low income neighborhoods so you may need to go outside of your comfort zone. But, are you interested in reacting online in a text war when emotions are on fire or doing real-life laboring for souls after the emotions have worn off?


As the church we have a calling to get outside the four walls. Those women need to be saved so that they can save their babies form the murder mill. The last thing the enemy wants is you out there standing for righteousness. No better time than now because New York isn’t the first and they won’t be the last.

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