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I am a lover of Jesus Christ. My journey with Him is one testimony after another of the amazing Grace He is in my life. That is why I needed to know how to increase patience in my own life. How many times have I read this verse,

And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation [*worketh*] patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: Romans 5: 3-4

Patience, although a cliché to most, is another divine appointment for God to show me who He is and share His glory. He is clear on how to become more patient.

People pray for patience all the time. It may be one of the top 5 prayers. So often I hear people say, “Oh no, don’t pray for patience because things get bad”. This is true to a certain extent. However, Gods word tells us that tribulation works patience.

What Does Increase Patience Look Like

Ideally, it would be nice if God were a magical fairy. Unfortunately, we don’t rub a magic lamp and make a wish. In the relationship we have with Jesus it is pivotal to remember His plan is to build our character. We must decrease so that He may increase.

Obtaining patience is like a muscle, a spiritual muscle so to speak. When we pray for patience God doesn’t give us patience he gives us the tribulations to work the patience. This is how we become more patient. God gives us plenty of opportunities to practice so that our whole character will change. It is transformation by a renewing of the mind manifested in real time life application.

Be ready when praying to increase patience

There is no reason to stop praying for patience. It is a challenge and challenge is good. Instead of praying for patience itself, pray to be aware and sensitive to the opportunities to be patient. Now that you know how to increase patience, try these prayers.

  • Lord open my eyes to see and ears to hear. The heart You have given me Lord wants to be able to see the situation clearly for what it is. I don’t want to mistake it for a personal attack. In the times I have a tendency to ask “why” when things go wrong, point me to remember You are increasing patience in me. Show me the opportunities clearly, please.


  • Lord bring to my memory your Word in the opportune times. Your Word is the only thing that can defeat the battles of this world. I need it to grow stronger in response to these trying circumstances.


  • I will keep praying Lord. Don’t stop lifting me up to the challenge when things get tough. I want to run the good race and fight the good fight. I will embrace being refined by Fire! Help me to remember how to become more patient Lord every day.

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Prayer changes Everything!

In the end, try to remember that even if Jesus came down and counseled me face to face in the flesh, He would still leave and then send a trial for me to walk out what I learned of His Truth!

God tries our faith. (See Job) He says to test the spirits. Do you think God himself is not going to test the spirit in YOU!!!


What are some moments in your journey prayer changed everything? Leave a comment and share your testimony.


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