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HOW TO START A BLOG: for Beginners

by Jun 20, 2018

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How to Start a blog: for beginners

Let me be frank here. When I decided to start a blog I didn’t quite know what a blog really was. I heard the term blog used and thrown around but didn’t have a clear idea of what it was. To learn more about that read my article what is a blog here.

So, for the first few months and when I say few I mean more like 6 – 8months, I researched and read a lot about who, what, when, where, and why to start a blog. I won’t say I wasted time researching because obviously researching isn’t bad. I will say I wasted time researching too long.

Here you will find step-by-step instructions to Build and Launch Your Blog in 30 days and be ready to start Making Money Blogging.

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Where to start?

At this point, you know you want to embark on this journey to building a blog but you may be wrestling with what you will write about or what the topic will be. To narrow your niche down a bit and find your little piece of the internet take a look at this list of niches that you could build your blog on.

Next, you will decide what you want to do with your blog. Do you want to simply document your information or do you want to make money? Keep that in mind as you move forward. Finding financial and time freedom these days is almost essential to living a life unregretted.


Choose a Platform and Hosting Site

This step is quite important as well. Again, it will depend on what you are planning to do with your blog. Are you simply documenting and keeping up with friends and family or do you want to make money with blogging.

At this point, it shouldn’t be a question. If you are going to spend all of the time and effort building you may as well make money doing it.

WordPress is the most popular platform to start a blog on.

It is simple and easy to get started with as well as user-friendly. If you use something like blogger .com it means you don’t own your spot on the internet and you also cannot monetize your blog.

Using anything other than WordPress means the countdown for when you have to transfer everything over to WordPress eventually begins. Think Wix or Squarespace, great for websites, not so much for blogging. WordPress is tried and true.

Besides who doesn’t want to own all of their hard work? This should belong to you.

Web Hosting


If you want it to be yours to do with as you please. Buy your little piece of the internet. I recommend SiteGround. There are 3 things you should look for.


How many times have you gone to a website and it takes 3 seconds to long to load up and you are out of there. In a world of convenience and instant access, no one has time to sit waiting for your blog to load up. SiteGround has the fastest performance speed out there when tested against 12 of the top hosting sites available. Keep people on your site.


When you are just getting started this isn’t something that tends to cross your mind. That’s why I am thinking ahead for you. Unfortunately, there is always someone out there who wants to destroy what you have built. Hackers make up an ugly percentage of internet users today. SiteGround is committed to keeping your site safe from hackers. You can find comfort in knowing they are top in solid account isolation from attacks.


Hands down SiteGround has the best customer service out there. It is really not about “if” you need them. It’s about “when”. Customer Service is essential to building trust with the company who is hosting your blog.  SiteGround has three ways of handling customer service. Via phone; they pick up immediately. Via Chat; they are able to resolve most issues within 5 minutes. Via Ticket; their first response is within 8 minutes. The next fastest response time out of 12 other hosting companies is 44 minutes.

There is no comparable exchange for GREAT customer service!

If you are still wondering if maybe you could just go free for now. It is the difference between pulling your hair out and time regret over as little as $3.95 per month. What is your time and hair worth to you?



HOW TO START A BLOG: for beginners





Web Hosting

Choose a Domain Name

Choose a domain name. A domain name is what your blog will be called. This is the .com, .net, .com, .org name that people will type in to find your site.

Don’t go overboard trying to find the perfect name. It will only drive you absolutely crazy. A couple tips though: Make it simple to say and Spell it the way it sounds. At the end of the day if you have dynamic content it won’t matter what it’s called people will come for your content not your name.

However, if you call it blue box . com but spell it blooebaux, no one will likely guess that is how it’s spelled and you could miss out on visitors. Equally frustrating, is spending your life explaining and spelling it out. You can also just use your name. Mine is a combination of my last and first name. FranklyJamee derived from Jamee Franklin.

I made the mistake of choosing a horrible hosting site to begin with and ended up having to switch to SiteGround later. I had to purchase my domain name separately. Sign up now and get your domain at the same time. GET STARTED HERE or click the image below. Once you have made it to the site you can come back here for instructions for each step of the way.

STEP 1 First, you will want to simply click the sign-up button. You will want to use an email that you have access to and create your account.

STEP 2 You will choose a plan. Just beginning you won’t need much more than the STARTUP plan. I suggest paying for 24-36 months because it is the best deal. After that, the price will go up. That is the same across the board with every single hosting company. The introductory pricing is always the best and it is worth it to buy out as many months as possible.

STEP 3 Choose a domain name. This can be really fun or really stressful. Please don’t overthink this step. You may have to go through a few domain options before you actually find one that is available. TIP: Be flexible have a couple ideas in mind. Don’t be afraid to use mixed words or something that isn’t even a word and start a trend.

Think of things like Pinterest or Facebook. Those are just two simple words put together to create a whole new word. Be creative but don’t stress. It’s not necessarily the name that makes you money, in the long run, it will be your content.

STEP 4 Extra services. I suggest paying for the privacy so that your owner information connected to the domain will remain private. Also, SiteGround is number one in safety, paying for SG site scanner has been a site saver. The last thing you want when your content is going viral is for someone to be attacking your site and shutting it down.

WordPress and Theme

Your next step is to download WordPress. SiteGround makes this easy peasy with a one-click install Wizard. Just set up your account and you are on your way.
Go to SiteGround and access your account in the Customer Area. Here you will find the SiteGround Wizard to install WordPress. You will receive all the information you need to login after you sign up for the WordPress Hosting Package.

After logging into your Customer Area for the first time, there will be a pop-up asking you if you want to Start a new website on your account. Select that, then click on the WordPress icon.

The bottom section is where you will enter your login information. Be sure to use this opportunity to create a very strong password. Once you are happy with your choice click the confirm button.
At this stage, if you want any Enhancements you will choose them here. When you are finished – click on the Complete Setup button.

Finding a Theme

Actually, this can be fun or it can be stressful as well. It depends on which router you choose to go. Of course, you have hit a fork in the road where you choose to buy or not to buy. There is a definite metaphorical theme in this process, Free or Paid.

Free Themes

Firstly, I will tell you there are thousands of free themes you can choose to design your blog site. In the beginning, it can be really fun to explore and create. I definitely recommend taking a week or so just playing with WordPress and getting acquainted with the basics of how it works.

Once you start actually designing, it starts to become un-fun when you can’t get something to look the way you want or do what you want it to do. Unfortunately, free themes are extremely limited in that aspect. You will quickly run into walls that cannot be moved.

On most occasions, free themes can be upgraded to a premium or pro level and therefore opens more options.

So you can imagine, in order to get you to purchase the paid version, they will withhold some of the best customizing options. I personally refused to buy a theme in the beginning and it was what ultimately caused me to forsake the whole thing. It wasn’t until a year later when my domain name came up for renewal that I decided to give it another shot.

I used the free Plum theme but every time I look back at my site I wasn’t proud of it. Since this literally has my name on it I wanted to be proud of what I was representing.  Free is just incredibly limited.

Here’s the real, if you don’t have any control issues and you don’t mind that your site can’t rise to your full visual desire, there are thousands of free themes, you check them out here

Divi WordPress Theme

Paid Themes, YAYYY!!!!

You guessed it, I LOVE PAID THEMES! I finally gave in and bought a theme from Elegant Themes. I haven’t been so disturbingly irritated that I wasted a year of progress because I wouldn’t buy the theme, to begin with.

Take some time and look through the options. Get ready to be blown away with DIVI by Elegant themes. DIVI is my #1 Recommendation by a landslide!

DIVI is the world’s most popular theme and is incredibly user-friendly. DIVI comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so if you don’t like it you can opt out.

DIVI is just one of 70 themes you get access to from Elegant themes but DIVI is amazing.

WordPress is user-friendly but using DIVI with WordPress is like having a Ph.D. in web design. You can customize EVERYTHING!! There is not one thing I have found that can’t be customized. It has an awesome visual builder so you can watch everything change as you are changing it. But what really sold me on DIVI is that they have a written and visual tutorial on everything you can think of.

Say goodbye to not having your questions answered. Also, they had such an amazing update of DIVI 3.0 that they had 100 DAYS OF DIVI to roll it out. They offered a new freebie, extension, or layout package every day for 100 days. As well as, you guessed it a video tutorial. I am in love with DIVI no doubt. There are no words. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Avada is my #2 recommendation. It has a great review next to DIVI. It has a massive amount of customizing options and is a widely popular theme option people are using. Avada is not quite as user-friendly as DIVI is but is much more than say Genesis Framework.

Which by the way if anybody suggests using Genesis as a place to begin, run. You do actually need coding experience to manage that theme and believe me in the beginning, there is already enough to learn without adding computer coding to the mix!

Avada offers easy to use, no coding experience necessary drag and drop design. You can choose from many themes available and build a beautiful website. CLICK HERE or below to get started with Avada!

So for the most part starting a blog is click click BOOM! It is after the purchase of these few essentials that things can be tricky. The mass amount of information out there alone can be overwhelming. Not to mention it is extremely fragmented. That is why I overspent my time researching; I was trying to piece things together.

Don’t just take it from me;

Take Alex and Lauren for example. They were both full-time 9-5 workers. Alex was a Fitness Trainer and Lauren was an accountant. These aren’t just minimum wage jobs we are talking about here. Yet, how often do you go to work and wish you were somewhere else. They decided to quit both of their jobs and build and launch a successful blog.

Success is an understatement. They went from 0 to 500,000 visitors per month using Pinterest. And making $103,457.98 THEIR FIRST YEAR BLOGGING! Not only did they get the financial freedom they got time freedom to as they say “DESIGN YOUR DAY”. Imagine waking up and deciding exactly what you will do each day.

I spent months originally trying to create a blog to no avail. I wasted so much time and effort that I eventually just gave up. When it came time to renew my domain a year after my failure, I decided to give it another go. In scrolling thru Pinterest, I came across the Build and Launch Your Blog by Create and Go.

It is a course designed for beginners to Build and Launch Your Blog in 30 days and it changed my whole perspective and expectation moving forward. I gained so much confidence in what I was doing and what I could do.


At the time I was 8 months pregnant when I restarted and by the time my baby was born, two days late I might add; I had rebuilt and launched my blog. It was the way I wanted it and ready for making money this time.

Alex and Lauren are so relatable. They speak freely and have kind of taken the hit in so many areas that they are able to give a clear path to success due to their own failures and successes. Both Alex and Lauren give the secrets most wouldn’t dare to share.

It goes back to the reality that there is a little piece of the internet for everybody and they help you find it make it work for you, step-by-step. Check out the Build and Launch Your Blog course if you want to get in and get it done and be on your way to making money.

Build and Launch Your Blog helps keep you on track and on schedule. It is so easy to rabbit trail during this process but I will tell you honestly a single rabbit trail can cost you hours, days, even a week before you get back to what you were trying to get done. This is a resource worth having. It is a blue print that can be used over and over. Happy Building!



Words are always more fun when you hold that vowel for an extra beat. Am I right? Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by. I'm committed to helping women crush the belief that being loved is possible for everyone but herself while learning to cultivate life with courage!!


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