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I’m gonna come right out and say it. It drives me ba-zonkers the amount of unforgiveness from followers of Jesus. The reason, I imagine is half bondage, half plain misunderstanding of what forgiveness is. Not to mention the importance of forgiveness in marriage.

If I had a pineapple for everytime I’ve heard a Christian say they can’t forgive I’d be miles deep in the tongue-burning citrus fruit. I love pineapple by the way.

For some reason, people think forgiveness justifies the crime. I blame the dire lack of individual Bible study because this couldn’t be further from the truth. No crime is justified.

The sad part of this whole misunderstanding is the deeper aspect is lost. I can’t imagine the grief the Lord must have to watch people roam in lostness basically rejecting feeedom and joy. As simplistic as that sounds, it’s the truth of the matter.




Forgiveness is a collaboration of surrender and going bankrupt. Neither of which have anything to do with the offender or their offense towards you.

See forgiveness is about your personal relationship with Jesus. Without a relationship with Jesus, he’ll say those tragic words “depart from me I never knew you”.

Obviously, that’s not what you want to hear but the alternative is eternity in Hell. Seems as though, this is kind of a no brainer but, with an epidemic of deception, unforgiveness is the broad path to destruction.

Forgiveness according to God is essential to staying connected to the vine. He says specifically…

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Matthew 6:14

It’s so important to under stand why Jesus died and to understand that even if you did grow up in the faith, Salvation isn’t a system where children get grandfathered in. Each individual must be born-again of an incorruptible seed.

With that said, equally important to rememebr is that frogiveness is an absoulte necesscity. Jesus died so that you  could be forgiven. It is the bare minimum that you are to forgive others in the same way.

No compromise! This fully includes your spouse.



Most don’t believe God has conditions and in reality he doesn’t in the way we think of conditions. God is gracious above many things and his love is action. Goes to show why He sent his only son to be killed so that others could be forgiven. He acted in love.

The condition is, value what he did and take it serious. No matter what anybody else on earth has done or can do, it’ll never come near the price God paid for reconciliation to us.

Point being, the sin a spouse commits against us is dust particles in comparison to what Jesus endured and the price he paid. And that includes you.

For some reason, marriage is the pit where unforgivable sins line the walls like layers of outdated hideous wallpaper.

In reality, it shouldn’t be this way. Because, Christian marriage is dying due to irreconcilable differences, even though the spouses are believers of a faith based on reconciliation.  Marriage should be the reflection of our relationship wqith Jesus. if it’s trong so will the ability to forgive and move forward. If it’s weak walls are built and divorce becomes the answer.

Marriage is hard. I get it. Oh, goodness do I ever get it. My marriage has overcome massive tragedies but we’ve survived. The Lord leads to victory not defeat.

Forgiveness in marriage is essential because we must reflect to our spouse the same relationship we have with Jesus. Has Jesus ever not forgiven you for something? If not then the reflect that same forgiveness in marriage.

Do you want a marriage full of joy and active love. Do you want to laugh again and enjoy each day looking forward to seeing your husband.

What you’re doing isn’t working. What can you lose in 14 days. You’ll see a difference. The Lord will transform you by a renewing of your mind as he says in Roman’s 12.


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