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Society is the main cheerleader of emasculating men everywhere, do you see it? Feminism is spreading like a wildfire infecting even the men, in fact, feminism IS toxic masculinity.


You see the subtle display in sitcoms when they strip men of their role by making them look weak and incapable of leadership.


Or those moments when a man is made fun of, mocked, and laughed at when he makes a statement regarding his daughter’s lack of clothing or when he’s put his foot down on a financial decision? This display of implying men are ineffective is quickly followed by the wife’s dirty or irritated looks as he folds and surrenders his authority.


All in “humor” of course, as he laughs it off himself accepting the delusion.


On other occasions, it’s blatantly in your face like Gillette’s recent commercial displaying the fact that it’s not okay to correct a woman or for little boys to wrestle because that will somehow turn into bullying.


This is habitual behavior and I hope there are more people than not with this understanding. Gillette is capitalizing on the feminist narrative. They created that filth to make money. From a business persepective they’re banking on the narrative of a predominately female population. ChaChing 💲💲💲💲


If you thought the lbgtq community had pull, they make up a small 5% of the population and changed the politics that structure the traditional family unit. Imagine what women can do.


Women have been the voice behind the scenes since Adam and Eve. She was the one who brought home the forbidden fruit and persuaded Adam to go against God’s design.


In church it looks like women directing the actions of those around them? How many women are in positions men should be commanding, like the pastor or bishop?


Essentially, women don’t belong in any position of leadership. Especially in the church, because, God has a design and if anybody should be following it it’s the church!


If you’re close to the pastor, how often does his wife play the role of deciding or influencing what he creates a sermon around? If he spoke out about sin, abortion, homosexuality, or supported Trump would she oppose him?


I’ve seen it happen. The term “happy wife, happy life” is an abomination to the marriage design.


The wife should not be the deciding factor, especially when it comes to a pastor equipping the flock for battle.


The rapid increase of seats held by women in the Democratic party?


Female news anchors and the steadily increasing emotion based reporting sytle. Men arent driven by emotion. They are statistically driven. It’s part of their make up. Praise the Lord!


Women are in sports-news anchor positions sitting in the leadership seat and are leading the men?


Women like Joyce Meyer are teaching men the Bible and things of spiritual nature?


How about the SNL skit that highlights the shift in society with women being the main bread winners, so household chores have become a “man’s job”. NO! Just no!






All of these deceptive and emasculating ideas are driven by a woman’s narrative that the roles of men and women are the same. And, that the women of today are oppressed. That’s a lie. Look around, feministic women are destroying the world.


Women have been in the shadows creating destruction by forsaking God’s design. Women kill their children and call it healthcare.


Women leave the home to pursue careers while other people raise the children they say they love so much.


Women are the leaders in their home.


Women make the decisions.


Women desire riches by seducing men then cry rape later, devaluing those who have truly been raped and assaulted.


Women hold their men back from a fight, while they get in people’s face when emotions are high.


Women are constantly correcting men.


Women hush their husband, while they run their own mouths nonstop.


Women put themselves on the front-line when they should be at home.



Take out the valor of men and you are weakening the whole. This unacceptable behavior happens on a daily basis. All you have to do is people watch for a bit and you’ll see this happen.


Men walk around looking dazed and confused or with their heads hung low when they are being bossed by a woman.


It emasculates them, which by definition, is castration, or to deprive of strength or vigor, and weaken.


Emasculation of good God given masculinity is not only against God’s design but it weakens the whole structure of society.


This is bad because when the men are weakened the defense is down. It doesn’t matter that women “think” they are capable of doing everything a man can do. The fact of the matter is they can’t and not for “sexist” reasons. The basis for role responisibilities fall to God’s design.


The Patriarchy is God’s doing! Are you willing to stand face to face with God and tell him he’s wrong?


God decided who would lead and who would follow.


Christians are supposed to be the standard and yet they are nowhere to be found. Women are embracing the curse of Eve by taking control and both men and women alike are giving it to them.


Nothing but destruction will come of this. The people who support this are deceived.




  • Learn what God’s design is. If you need help studying the Bible this is what I use. Knowing is essential, you can’t make a difference unless you know what God’s standards are.
  • Stop taking media as the end all. Research and look through what you are given to look at. If it’s emotionally driven its likely not the full story.
  • Celebrate and promote men. Edify them up into leadership positions. Support strong positive masculinity.


The only way to battle feminism is for virtuous women to stand up with voices and live as examples for all to see. Women supporting women is not the answer.


Virtuous women, supporting our men by edifying them up and not joining in this bad behavior against God is the answer to feminism. Feminism is the real toxic masculinity, it’s women pretending to be men.

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