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Ralph Breaks the Internet and emasculates men all at the same time, well done Disney. I remember when children’s movies were targeted toward children’s innocence. Not anymore, now it’s an indoctrination train. That idea has obviously long since been replaced with the new target audience being adults. Or, maybe they have such success with indoctrinating children through their films, why not go all out.


The women emasculating men narrative is popular these days, no surprise there but the creativity in how it’s presented may never end. In this Disney number they went all out with the whole princess gang involved to emasculate men and make sure we knew chivalry is dangerous, not kind, like we once believed.


The movie overall was filled with so many references to women taking over the world it wasn’t even fun to watch. But one thing stood out to me that attacked my whole childhood movie experience and I wanted to share.


In the movie the pink steering wheel used to operate Penelope Vonsweats arcade game Sugar Rush has broke, which leads the arcade owner to shut it down for a time while he orders the part. However, this video game is old and the part is rare. If the part can’t be found the game is shut down for good.


So, in Penelope’s efforts to save the day her and Ralph hit the internet in search of an answer.


Almost immediately, we see her come across Ebay somehow and she finds the exact pink steering wheel needed to replace the broken one. Problem is they don’t have money to buy it. So off they go to find money. While she’s out there in the vast interwebs of information and fast moving software she gets lost.


As Penelope ventures off on her own looking for fast cash and ends up glitching into a room filled with all the Disney princesses, including Pocahontas, Belle, Elsa, Jasmine, Cinderella, Anna, Moana, Aerial, Mulan, Snow White, Aurora, Rapunzel, and even Merida from DreamWorks productions.


At first the princesses are frightened by her and they pull out their iconic tools which suddenly double as weapons.


Including, broken glass slippers, cast iron pans, sticks, lamps, shovels, a bow and arrow and well you get the point, as they surround her.


Penelope is quick to admit she’s a princess too but since she’s opted out of her classic pink and white sequined ball gown for leggings, skirt and hooded-sweat-shirt they’re confused.


They begin asking her questions to verify she is really a princess.


Do you have magic hair?

Magic hands?

Do animals talk to you?

Were you poisoned?


Kidnapped or enslaved?


She questions them back saying “Are you guys okay should I call the police”?


The questions go on…

Have you had true loves kiss?

Do you have daddy issues?

Now for the million dollar question Tangled says…

Do people assume all your problems got solved because a big strong man showed up?

To which she replies, “Yea, what’s up with that!”

They all reply in sync, “She is a princess.”


On top of all this sick drama, Ralph is portrayed as a clingy incapable  doofy man again!




Society is threatened by the strength of a man. The Bible specifically states that Eve was in the wrong for disobeying the command of God by eating of the forbidden fruit. She ventured out on her own and made the decisions that would forever affect their lives.


Negatively I might add.


Here’s something you need to know. The Lord specifically delivered that command to Adam. Then Adam would have delivered that command from the Lord to Eve.


She disobeyed her husband. She failed to submit to her husband in all things as unto the Lord.


A woman’s role consists of submitting to her husband as she would do the same with the Lord.


The drastic way all the fairytales were misrepresented is sad. Woman being rescued by a man is considered wrong.



As a result it’s scary for a man to provide for his family, women our becoming the main breadwinners in the home leaving their children and husband at home to do house work.


It’s scary for a man to approach a woman to help lift a heavy table or move an awkward shelf.


It’s scary for a man to pay the bill on a date because that would imply a woman isn’t capable.


Even married, with a joint bank account I still expect my husband pay for our meals. I don’t take the ticket I don’t look at it unless he asks me about it. I want people to see he is my head and my provider.


I have nothing to prove or boast in except the Word of God that says the husband is the head of household and the wife is the helpmeet. Society would say I’m weak. God says humility and obedience despite what’s popular takes strength.


It’s clear, but even in cartoons they’re changing the narrative and little girls are becoming more independent from God and his design.


To add insult to injury the princesses are envious of her clothing and so they transform into booty shorts, legging, half shirts, tank tops, and yoga pants.


Women can’t be women unless they are emasculating men, devaluing their character, and their design, while living half dressed.



Virtuous women have an opportunity to change the message by living in God’s design. Man is head of household and leader. Woman is helpmeet.


It doesn’t mean woman is less than. But standing for our men is essential to the survival of the politics of Biblical principle. Edify men up into the leadership position where they should be.

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