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Alas, here we are smack dab in the midst of Christmas festivities. Of course, someone may be offended by that. With all the banning of classic songs and cartoons lately, I’m not sure which way is up. And to top it all off, a substitute teach was fired for not lying. Yes, you read that correctly. Reports say the teacher told children the truth about Santa Clause and they fired em’.


In what world do we live in when not lying is a punishable incident? At what point does insane start being the only explanation to describe what’s happening nowadays.


I’ll tell you what, I love Jesus and I love little bright lights that shine and line houses and trees all over the city. I love homemade hot chocolate with peppermint candy canes hanging on the side with marshmallows floating all melty on top.


Do me a huge favor and turn up the cheery music. Music with lyrics that aren’t filled with cursing, and wicked lifestyle elements like calling women the b word, and making it rain with fast money that’ll dissipate as fast as steam from a pot of boiling water. Personally, I wish we heard genuine Christmas music all year round.


Another thing I love is Santa and his non-sensical ways. Lo and behold any fat man who claims to squeeze down chimneys is a real comical guy. It’s fake but he’s got a jolly white beard that reminds me of a grandpa. And who doesn’t love grandpa.


The most important aspect to know is every single one of my 7 children knows the truth about Santa Clause, as society knows him, is a fairy tale.


He doesn’t climb down chimneys. He doesn’t give gifts to people all over the world. He doesn’t drive a sleigh. There are no flying reindeer. There’s no Mrs. Clause holding down the fort at the North Pole. No elves making all these toys.


None of that.


And yet we can freely enjoy this fairy tal character better than most.




Because we aren’t living a lie.


There’s no freedom in lying big or small.


You may think you’re free. But can you go tell your children the truth about Santa Clause right now? Can you without hesitation or an invisible resistance that nags at your conscience threatening to destroy their innocence. Can you without twisting the truth about Santa into a nice smaller lie than it started. Can you without making him sound like Jesus even though he’s not?


Go ahead, I’ll wait….


You can’t and that my dear is bondage to tradition!


Truth of the matter is,


It’s not okay to lie to the police about going 50mph through a school zone. It’s not okay to lie about how you acquired that lip stick that “ended up” in your purse. It’s not okay to lie about that “friendship” you’ve got going on with the opposite sex while you’re married. It’s not okay to lie to children about a man who has defied death. God is the only God and shares his Glory with none other.


Equally important, is the fact that’s it’s not okay to condemn people who choose not to lie about it.


I’ve said it already but it begs repeating. You can enjoy the fairy tale and even the aspects of the true Saint Nicholas that’s great. However, it’s not okay to indulge in lying and call it innocent fun.


The other day we went to a place called The Christmas Garden. When we were finished the lady asked our children if we saw Santa Clause. Funny enough, we walked right past the guy and never even noticed him. Our children never said a word. They were too busy enjoying the lights and music. I can imagine, because we don’t put unnecessary emphasis on him they don’t care much. Although we watch shows and movies and talk about him in conversation, he’s just another cartoon character.


It’s sad to see the reality of the lie.


We were watching a Christmas movie and the little sister about 10 years old wanted to catch Santa Clause “in the act”. The big brother wanted to tell her Santa wasn’t real and he struggled to say “Santa Clause isn’t real”. Of course, he never ended up telling her the truth about Santa. He couldn’t. Any child who watched the movie would’ve lost it right!


Frankly, my husband and I looked at each other and felt sadness that people are so bound by this tradition of lies. There no real enjoyment because it’s a lie. Not godly enjoyment anyway. And isn’t that what we aim for?


I’ll admit, in the beginning when we first decided to cut the lie we felt a twinge of the same resistance. But now, we’re free, our children are free and we can focus on the festivities for what they really are.


Festivities! Fun festivities!


Many join in the festivities like a birthday party for Jesus. Others enjoy the lights and songs. Some are obsessed with debt and buying non sense no one needs.


Either way the Bible says the TRUTH will set you free. It never once says or implies that a little white lie is okay, because well, everybody’s doing it.


Do not conform to the lie of Santa Clause.


Get in on the truth about Santa and find real authentic freedom to enjoy the festivities of this beautiful season and celebrate Jesus. Glorify him by walking in truth no matter how big, no matter how small.


I promise you,


The Truth Will Set You Free Indeed.

How to tell your children the truth about Santa?


Honestly, rip the bandaid off here. Trust in the Lord. Lean not on your own understanding and He will direct your paths. Whatever you do tell your children the truth about Santa. They deserve your honesty, but also, God commands your honesty.


It’s hard in those initial moments but one, children are beyond resilient. We adults could take a major lesson from them. And two, their lives won’t end over Santa Clause.


At the risk of some hard truth here, if it does you have some parenting evaluation to get a hold of. Life presents more difficult issues they need to survive far past a fairy tale.



Take the opportunity to share the story of the real Saint Nicholas. He was a man who once did something similar in giving gifts to those who had less than most. He was a generous man but like all men he died.


Tell your children he encompasses a trait that we can demonstrate to others by giving and also keeping it anonymous. Because the bible says that when we keep our giving secret we are storing treasures up in heaven.



Make it official. Don’t be cliche with the whole “Jesus is the reason for the season” business. I mean be authentic, bring your child’s focus back. Jesus isn’t a fairy tale. He’s real!


Saint Nicholas was a kind man but he died. The only man who conquered death and still lives today is Jesus. Jesus was also a kind, generous, and compassionate man. In fact he gave us something Saint Nicholas couldn’t dream of giving people.


The gift of Salvation.


You see even Saint Nicholas needed Jesus. Jesus is the one who is everywhere. Jesus is the one who knows when you’re awake and when you’re sleeping. Jesus is the one who knows when your living a life of sin verse a life of righteousness.


Jesus is the one we praise and give all glory to. His birth was a blessing so we celebrate it during this season. His death was the ultimate gift that Saint Nicholas needed too. His resurrection gives us the power to overcome and have eternal life.


Frankly, the truth about Santa isn’t that he lives in our hearts. Jesus does. The truth about Santa isn’t that he’s a spirit; the Holy Spirit is the only spirit that matters. No man conquered death, only Jesus did. Keep the focus where it should be.


God shares his glory with no one. Don’t imply that he does.



Have fun. Enjoy the beauty. Decorate and celebrate Jesus since he gives the best gift in the whole world. With all that said.


Give back to Jesus by walking in the fullness of truth because that’s what Jesus is all about. Real authentic, genuine, even-when-it-hurts kinda truth!


What I’m saying is do it right. Indoctrinate your children with the fullness of the truth. When you break that tradition bondage you’ll experience a depth of joy you’ve never had before.


Bless the mighty name of Jesus! Merry Christmas

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