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There’s never been a day I haven’t needed to put some clothing on. Who’s with me! Indeed, I live in the 12th liberal city in the states. Seeing naked people ride bikes down the road is not unheard of. Aside from the fact I’ve gone a full 4 seasons without socks (the Lord bless Birkenstocks) I love bare feet. All other clothing seems necessary. Anyhoo, for those who do put clothes on, most dress one leg at a time. Like clockwork, I’ve seen much to-do about what exactly we should be putting on. Most noteworthy is, should Christian women wear pants.

You’ll find, there are two ways people look at this. Some believe only men should wear pants while women should only adorn skirts and/or dresses.

In contrast, others believe both parties should be able to wear pants without fear of eternal damnation or being unpleasing to God. Seems fair.


The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God. Deuteronomy 22:5


Above is the scripture most use to argue that if Christian women wear pants it’s wrong. In context, this argument is weak because pants didn’t exist at the time this was penned. Therefore, I’m calling it out, if it doesn’t exist, no argument exists.


Truth is, from the beginning of time, we see the apparel worn by males and females were similar in nature. They wore robe like garments, later including some sort of undergarments.


Considering clothing was and continues to be so universal where do we stop? Males and females alike wear, t-shirts and underwear. As well as accessories like hats, sunglasses, watches, and shoes. All of which have a male and female version.

Style has changed but having two versions of the same thing is a practice dated back to the garden of Eden.


While that may be true, as men further sexualize women. Followed by, women taking on the irrational fight to do everything a man can do, the lines continue to blur. Soon, I imagine there won’t be any lines left in a few years.



I can understand why some wonder should Christian women wear pants. Especially when this is what we see on a daily basis.


You can walk outside and see a man dressed effeminate. Something to the effect of tight skinny jeans and cute button down shirt. Paired with locks of freshly tossed hair, matching accessories and a possible man bag. This is the norm and may very well be your pastor.


To the other side, you’ll see women dressing masculine. She may be wearing baggy jeans riding low with a button up shirt. Along with high tops, a clean fade and some sunglasses. This is also the norm and disturbing.


The problem is, both of these people have heart issues and confusion is abounding out of that.

There’s a spirit of rebellion at work here and the one they are rebelling against is their Creator!


Modesty is not defined by simple cloth sewn a certain way. So whether it be pants or a skirt ankle length, neither will matter if the heart of the person wearing the item is not right with the Lord.



In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 1 Timothy 2:9


We know a person can be wearing a skirt and be a harlot. In the same fashion, a person can wear pants and be a harlot so again a garment cannot simply determine one way or the other. So that says that modesty is also a heart issue. We’ll stand before God and give an account for every deed including getting dressed each day. Is God going to say should Christian women wear pants. I doubt that, but…


Will you be able to stand before God in what you have on right now and say, “Yes Lord, I am honoring you with my choice of clothing. I’m not trying to impress any men or women. I’m not trying to be a man when you made me a woman. I’m not trying to be a woman when you’ve made me a man. Lord I’m not dressed to prove anything or fit in anywhere. I’m dressed to please you, Lord.” If you cannot say that, you are not dressed modestly.

And this goes for both men and women.


Pants are a man made piece, of clothing. In retrospect, not sure how it got to the point where a group of people decided to lay down a law that they belong to men. It’s a ridiculous law with no scriptural backing.



As said, centuries ago, although their clothing was similar, they still knew which was a male robe and which was a female robe. Likewise, there are pants made for men and pants made for women. There are skirts made for men ie. Kilts and skirts made for women ie. Maxi. So, with that in mind, if all apparel was dress-like fashion who’s to say should Christian women wear pants.

To illustrate, creating clothing which pertains to a man or woman includes several factors.


Masculinity vs. Femininity

If you read your bible there are clear differences between a shamefaced woman opposed to a dominant spiritual leader that’s a man. Not only clothing but character, personality, attitude, and mannerisms apply here.



Similarly, God instructs holy garments be made with blue, purple and scarlet linens. The priests who wore these garments were men. When was the last time a man considered purple his favorite color or a manly color for that matter?



Who isn’t familiar with bedazzling. Rhinestones, gems, beads, and the like.


Overall mood of the design

Is it flowers and quilting or mechanics and hunting?



Most often males do rougher work than a female. For that reason, durability is considered. Textured fabric, with reinforcement in the knees of a carpenter would be wise. In contrast, thinner wispy fabric for the blouse of a school teacher is ideal.



Finally, the way clothing is pieced together and sewn plays a factor. A woman is by nature a curvier build and needs more fabric in the hips, thighs, and rear areas. Attribute this same concept to a man needing more fabric in the shoulders and genital areas.


All these aspects play a part in creating that which pertains to a man or woman. With all this on the table, it’s clear this isn’t a war of pants vs. skirts.


As a Christian, our battle is not between flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness. Ephesians 6

Simple discernment will tell you if there’s a spirit behind the man wearing that which pertains to a woman or a woman wearing that which pertains to a man.


Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. John 7:24


This isn’t a complicated scripture to understand.


1.Do not judge by appearance!


2.Judge a righteous judgment!


Use discernment. Know the facts. Know what the Bible says then judge accordingly.


Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:20


Of course, clothing is important. With that said, it’s not a free for all. Most important, keep in mind the Bible. God never specifies Christian men or Christian women wearing pants or not wearing pants. The essence of the Bible surround the same topic time and time again.

The heart condition.


In the end it’s clear that the cloth one wears does not make them holy. We’re saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ. The bible shows that garments have always been similar versions of the same thing. Both men and women wore a robe, dress like attire, to begin with. With all the facts, should Christian women wear pants?


We can only conclude women are not under some made up law to wear only dresses, plain and simple.



My personal wardrobe is ankle length skirts. By my own choosing, I wear them in public and at home. Its seldom I wear sweatpants anymore but when I do they’re 3 sizes too big. So, they may as well be a skirt. Being a stay-at-home mom gives me the freedom to wear skirts full time.


However, I do still have a formal job with a uniform. Scrubs are so comfortable. I’m not out of place or guilty for wearing pants at work or going to the store or anywhere else in pants for that matter.


The reason I wear a skirt is my own, not because I believe I’m saved or holier because of it. It has nothing to do with whether Christian women should wear pants or not. Although, obviously I’ve studied the matter to be sure. As we all should. That’s a fact.



It’s enjoyable, also very comfortable. To my shock, I’ve found it’s warmer than pants. There are options to wear leggings or tights underneath for colder weather. Rain or shine, I’m in a skirt. It’s my sleepwear as well as, workout, run, play, shop, clean, dig holes, swim and anything else life requires aside from my job.


Most noteworthy, if you’re looking for an excuse not to follow a desire God has brought to your attention, there isn’t one.


My dear sister in Christ hit it spot on when she said…

“Women settled the west in dresses. They hauled water, chopped wood, cleared the land, built houses, established farms and businesses, rode horses, gathered food and had babies. I have worn dresses for many years. It has never hindered me from any kind of work.” -Sister Kristenea Lavelle


I’ve experienced a different respect and attitude toward me personally from the public but that may be my own perspective. I never though should Christian women wear pants before. Although, I was a Christian with a true desire, seeking Him for years before God laid on my heart the DESIRE to wear a skirt all the time. 

HE DID THAT!! No human on earth told me too.


I’m thankful and I wear a skirt with a joyful heart and in honor. While that’s true for my own life. I’d never counsel a woman that she has to wear a skirt. Why? Because the bible doesn’t say that!


Too much legalism around this topic. Freedom is in the truth. Thanks to my brother in Christ, a bold street preacher, who’s taken a stand by saying…


“If we can find time to chastise women about their pants and miss the opportunity to tell them about the saving GRACE of Jesus, then we have failed as ministers.” -Brother Christian La Fleur


How have you experienced this legalism in today’s society? Leave me a comment and share your testimony.

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