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Our family is pretty large. We are a family of 9, currently, and almost certain to grow moving forward. My husband works full-time, plus many hours of overtime that keep him from joining our family for many things he wishes he could. But having a large family means providing in a large way.

It should come as no surprise that I hate seeing my husband work his fingers to the bone when I know how much he wants to be with his family. These days just bring a bit more hardship to single income families. We trust the Lord to always provide what we need of course. But we need to do our part.

I worked very part-time as a medical assistant and have done side jobs to earn some extra money as well. To find a list of the ones I have found success with READ HERE!

I finally decided to start a blog. I did quite a bit of research, then decided to take the plunge, by a domain name and get started. I quickly found myself drowning in a sea of blogging whoa! There was so much to be done it seemed, I couldn’t stay focused or encouraged. I was so overwhelmed. I ended up writing about 20 blogs and then spiraled down website design hell.

After a couple of months, I quit. It was just too much. Did I mention I also homeschool my children? Yea, it was horrific.


A year later I received a notification that my domain name was up for renewal. I really wanted to help our household in a bigger way so I decided to give it another shot. I had come across Create and Go by Alex and Lauren. In reading much of their content, I found them to be so relatable and real. They spoke to me as a real person and their story was fantastic because it included failing miserably trying to build their first blog and how they gave it another shot and managed to make $103,457.98 in their first year blogging.

Alex and Lauren have gone through the overwhelm of starting a blog. Then, they put all of what worked well, fast and easiest in one place so that others can benefit from it.

They went from full-time, well-paying jobs to quitting cold turkey, zero income to pursue blogging full-time.  Alex was a fitness trainer and Lauren was CPA. Most people would think they were crazy but a year later they were making 6 figures blogging full-time.

They found financial freedom and time freedom. It’s what they call being able to DESIGN YOUR DAYS!

I wanted that freedom and want that freedom for my husband!


I got the ecourse called BUILD AND LAUNCH YOUR BLOG. It changed my whole perspective and confidence in what I was doing. The course is designed to help you BUILD AND LAUNCH YOUR BLOG in 30 days. STEP BY STEP.

The course not only covers everything needed, it is designed to keep you on track with what needs to be focused on at the right time. Rather than getting bogged down by the long list of to do’s they organize everything so its a step by step in order of importance.

BUILD AND LAUNCH YOUR BLOG is one element built on top of another until you are officially ready to launch and start driving traffic to your blog and taking the next step in making money.

As I stated above, I was 8 months pregnant when I restarted building my blog and by the time my baby came 2 days late. I had relaunched and was ready to make money blogging. I was able to BUILD AND LAUNCH MY BLOG during the most stressful point in pregnancy, without being stressed about it because of the great course design.

It was the best purchase I have made. the next step was MAKING MONEY BLOGGING AND PINTEREST TRAFFIC AVALANCHE. Since I had such a well-outlined step by step building process everything else is easy to move right into moving forward.

I have learned that buying education and certain resources is essential to success. Building and Launching a successful blog that is make money ready requires some type of investment there is just no getting around that.




HOW TO START A BLOG: for beginners





For instance, I tried to save money by taking my own pictures. Yea right, this day and age pictures and videos are what people stop for and if they aren’t Grade A, aesthetically pleasing photos, no one will want anything to do with them. The difference between a paid stock photo and a personal photo is night and day.

Same with a free theme verse a paid theme or email marketing software. This is your business, not a hobby. You must invest to make a profit. These are things I never took into consideration because I either didn’t know or was trying to take short cut free paths. Once I got the BUILD AND LAUNCH YOUR BLOG course all things changed.

For a list of essential blogging, resources CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Alex and Lauren are so relatable and very real. They take all the mistakes they made along the way and make it very easy to understand when building and launching a blog, very transparent too. They didn’t make anything the first 4 months and celebrated their first $172 with vigor! Its a real journey with real mistakes.

In fact, at one point Alex is showing how to set up a software item and it didn’t work as planned and he didn’t edit it ou,t he just troubleshoots the problem right on camera. I was blown away and very grateful that he didn’t make it perfect. He showed that even though they make $160,000+ PER MONTH things can still go wrong.

CHECK BUILD AND LAUNCH YOUR BLOG OUT. It is truly a game changer without a doubt. You won’t be disappointed!