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For 30+ years I proclaimed from the rooftops I was not a morning person. Scratch that, let me be real, I was a morning person for the first several years of my life. I’m certain, just enough to drive my mom crazy and then I settled into being asleep until noon teenager and never recovered from it. Becoming a morning person was not an option!


As an adult with small children, there were times I was so embarrassed I didn’t get up before my children. I didn’t talk about it much. There were years I battled depression as well, even still. I overcame that and still slept in every day or desperately needed naps.


Have you been in the place where you get up and things are chaos, messes all over the place, rushing around, forgetting things, or getting angry with the children. All the while, much of this could be avoided by simply becoming a morning person!


Oversleeping is worse than not enough sleep. Oversleep causes more tiredness in the long run. I don’t knock naps either. In fact, I would welcome a daily nap if the time permitted but ever since becoming a morning person I haven’t felt the need for a nap. Isn’t that ironic?


So how do you go from dragging to lively at 5 am?



By who I don’t mean a celebrity or some other actual person. We’re not trying to be someone we aren’t. Becoming a morning person isn’t an identity.


The idea is being the best you YOU can be. Do you want to be that person who is rushing around all of the time, and barely put together? Tired all day long just counting the hours, or better yet the minutes until bedtime?


Do you want to be the one drooling because you can barely keep your eyes open? The one who hits snooze the max 5 times and loses the mind war every single day.


Now is your time to have victory over sleep. Becoming a morning person has amazing benefits.


You can be up before the sun and enjoy the sunrise. Your calm smiling face can be the first thing your children see each morning when they wake up.


Don’t worry about going a day without time for a shower or having to share a shower with small beings unless you want to. Be the person who uses your morning to love on yourself. You will feel like a new person.


It is possible.



For years, the phrase I’m not a morning person was my mantra. There is no freedom in proclaiming you aren’t what you desperately want to be. Becoming a morning person seemed unattainable to me. So I hid behind cliches.


Are you hiding behind that phrase because you don’t want to take on the challenge and fail?


Failure makes you stronger.


You learn.
Move forward.


Do this because there is freedom in overcoming the odds. Odds are, you are tired of being tired.


Make sure to get excited about something in the morning. What can you not wait to do? Have a reason to get up, not just to be up.


Tiredness and boredom are enemies.


You will have sustainable success when there is something that you are excited to do in the morning. Getting up will no longer be an obligation.


Get excited about something you get to get up to do not that you have to do!


I love reading my bible in the morning when my children are asleep. My workout is a priority along with taking time with my hair and makeup if I choose to wear any.


I also like watching my sleepy-eyed children wake up one by one and having the opportunity to greet them with a smile.



The best thing you can do is give this to the Lord. He has a desire to see your face in the morning too. There is an overwhelming peace that comes with the dawn.


I struggled every morning in a battle with my mind about all the reason I needed a little more sleep.


It was ridiculous. When I finally took the initiative to ask the Lord to deliver me from the war in my mind He did.


I prayed the Matthew 6 prayer given to us by Jesus. Lead me not into temptation, deliver me from evil.


The enemy would love for you to sleep your day away. Days fly by fast enough without us sleeping through them too.


And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. Matthew 6


It wasn’t until I got serious about casting all those mind arguments over to the Lord that things changed. When my alarm went off, I got out of bed.


Your mind will never give up trying to sabotage your efforts to become better. The enemy knows your weaknesses and how to play on them. Your best form of defense, stop fighting him and give it to the Lord.



It was a life changer when I came to a vivid understanding that an alarm isn’t to delay the in inevitable. An alarm is to alert you NOW is the time to get out of bed. Don’t make snooze an option.


Set a morning routine in place.


Plan what you will do as soon as you get out of bed so that you don’t have to use your brain right away.


Will you go potty. (Side note: I realize I’m talking to an adult and yet the mommy in me still uses the term potty. My vocabulary knows no age apparently.)


Will a shower help. Have the workout DVD already in so you can just hit play. Lay your clothes out the night before.Drink some apple cider vinegar. That is sure to snap you out of the sleepy daze. Ask me how I know!


If you are going to do something like bible study, decide what you are reading and how you will study.


Ask yourself some questions the night before like will there be journaling, compare and contrast, timeline work, what book, a specific chapter, picking out an aspect you love from a passage or memorization.


Get detailed in your plan.


Make your brain happy in the morning by planning as much as you can.


Write it out so instead of thinking in the morning you can read your plan and check them off as you finish the task.


If you have young ones that you know get up early write them into your plan. I am a mother of 7, one being a newborn. I wrote feeding him into my plan because if I didn’t it would throw off my plan and cause discouragement.


Anticipate the hiccups.


You get the idea.


Don’t take the small tasks for granted. They take time and you don’t want reasons to sleep.



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So you didn’t get up one day. Shake it off and move on. But don’t give up.




Evaluate why you didn’t get up. Do you need to change your alarm sound, maybe turn it up or choose a different sound altogether?


Alarm noise is not all created equal. Please do not choose something soothing. An alarm should alert you, not lullaby you back to sleep.


Do you need to go to bed sooner? You will be surprised what a half hour can do. Just remember, don’t expect to go to bed at 11 or 12 at night and be up by 5 am.


Be realistic about your goals. You want this to be a way of life, not a short-term experience.


Becoming a morning person will get easier as time goes by. In fact, I got up this morning at 4:30 am. Dropped my husbster at work and came home. Managed a workout I wasn’t thrilled about doing but got it done.


Afterward, the baby woke up to eat. Something about warm milk can get a baby up at any time of the midnight hours. AM I RIGHT!


Anyway, as I was feeding him I thought, I‘m not even going to change. I’m just gonna crawl back in bed with him since he’s sleeping and take a nap.


By the time I carried him to bed I felt just enough energy to take a shower so I did.


When I got done and was combing my hair I thought, I’m just going to get this done and then take a nap. No makeup today. (I don’t think I need makeup but makeup is fun. Most often when I’m being lazy is when I don’t do it, its’ just something I know about myself.)


But then, when my hair was done I had just enough energy to get my make-up done.


By the time I was done with my whole bathroom routine, I decided I’m gonna go write a post about becoming a morning person.


And here we are several hours’ later, feeling fresh. I have greeted each of my children with a smiling face and good morning. Fixed them breakfast and I did it all completely ready to go.


Well, I could use some socks and shoes but aside from that, I’m ready to walk out the door if needed.


Becoming a morning person changes your whole mood.


This life is for you if you want it. You most definitely have to want it. But what I don’t want you to think is, it’s possible for everyone but you.


That’s a lie. YOU can do it!


Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, AND FIND GRACE TO HELP IN TIME OF NEED. Hebrews 4:16


So, decide who you want to be. Get motivated. Write out your plan. Set your alarm. You will conquer your morning by the power of grace! Talk to you soon.

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