Faith, Marriage, & Raising Boys

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Cultivating Life With Courage!

Living a life in the way God designed is hard. Truth is, it’s the path of most resistance, an uphill climb and feeling like a failure is more common than you’d like to admit.I totally get it. I smile to hold the tears back when the sun is out. On other days, I welcome the rain without an umbrella when I want to let the tears go and not be noticed. 

My mind is a never-ending story. Is God mad at me, will my marriage survive, and am I ruining my children along the way, are just a couple of the daily questions that run through my head. . . I don’t have all the answers but I love the Lord without compromise. My marriage has survived what many marriages fail in the first year, and raising 5 boys in a society that wants to steal their manhood before they even know what it is, is a real threat. We are pro Jesus, pro Husband, and pro Dad. If you need help finding your way in one of life’s hardest jobs as a woman you are in the right place. Get Started with a dynamic Bible Study Plan

The Ultimate Prayer Journal

Organization isn’t just for cans of bean in the pantry or decluttering your clothes closet. Get your prayer life in order with this Ultimate Prayer Journal today!

Revive Your Marriage 14-Day Challenge FREE!

Where is your marriage right now? Are you hanging on by a dainty thread, already in the car on your way to file for divorce or been married a long time and just found a way to get by UNhappily ever after. No matter where you are in your journey, this challenge can revive your marriage and bring a refreshing breath of life based on biblical principle. Check out this FREE 14-Day Challenge now.

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